The Windfall camo in Modern Warfare 3 is quickly becoming one of the most desirable in the game, and for good reason.

Funko Call of Duty All Ghillied Up Pop Games Figure
Credit: Funko
VIEW PRICE: Lieutenant Simon “Ghost” Riley Funko Pop! Figure

Fans are raving about the aesthetic, many wanting to get their hands on it as soon as possible. In this article, we’ll be sharing how to get the MW3 Windfall camo.

The MW3 Windfall camo may be the most popular in the game

This skin provides an animated and colorful effect featuring a skull and gems moving down the weapon, and it makes any weapon look incredibly cool.

The images for this article come from a video by AustinSixx6 on YouTube that showcases the animation in action for you to see for yourself.

Funko Call of Duty All Ghillied Up Pop Games Figure
Credit: Funko
VIEW PRICE: All Ghillied Up Funko Pop! Figure

Unfortunately, for now you can’t get the skin without modding the game, however, it’s expected to arrive in-game as a challenge reward or part of a bundle in the future.

If you’re looking for skins that you can get, we recommend checking out the Bioluminescent, Royalty Tiger camo (if available), or Magma Camo.

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