With Modern Warfare 3‘s first season upon us, the all eyes are now turning toward the mid-season update, MW3 Season 1 Reloaded.

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The mid-season content patch will bring forth new content, balancing changes, and more in the traditional cycle of the previous Call of Duty titles.

MW3 Season 1 Reloaded set to launch in mid-January

MW3 Season 1 roadmap MW3 Season 1 Reloaded
Credit: Activision

While nothing official has been released regarding the launch of the Reloaded update, it’s expected to launch on Wednesday, January 17 2024.

This would put it in line with the normal time cycle and day of the week updates drop.

What’s in the MW3 Season 1 Reloaded update?

In terms of new content, MW3 Season 1 Reloaded will add a new map, five new modes, new Zombies content, and two new weapons.

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The new map, Rio, is a medium sized 6v6 map to be played in multiplayer. The map is an “upscale shopping center” in, you guessed it, Rio de Janeiro.

The new modes will include Vortex, Santa’s Slayground, Infected, Headquarters, and Team Gunfight. Players should be familiar with Team Gunfight, Infected, and Headquarters, but maybe less with the first two.

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The new free-for-all game mode, Vortex, will put players into redesigned maps such as Satan’s Quarry (Quarry), Sporeyard (Scrapyard), and Tetanus (Rust).

During these matches, one player will be granted a legendary ray gun to use in an effort to reach the score limit to end the game. Anytime that player is eliminated, the player who dealt the final blow will get to use the weapon.

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For the new weapons, it’s the HRM-9 submachie gun and TAQ Evolvere lightmachine gun. We don’t know much about these weapons yet, but we’ve seen some dominant weapons be added to the game during Reloaded updates in the past. So keep an eye on these when they release.

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