Scott Pilgrim Takes Off, the anime adaptation of Bryan O’Malley and BenDavid Grabinski’s iconic Scott Pilgrim series, has taken fans on a wild ride with its unexpected twists and turns.

The jaw-dropping surprise at the end of the first episode sets the tone for a season filled with thrilling changes to Scott’s familiar story.

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off trailer
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In this article, we’ll delve into the Scott Pilgrim Takes Off ending, breaking down major events and explaining the intricate details that left fans both shocked and satisfied.

Warning: Major spoilers if you haven’t watched Scott Pilgrim Takes Off

Did Scott really die?

Scott vs Matthew Patel
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The series introduces a shocking moment where Scott seemingly died during his battle with Matthew Patel. However, it was later revealed that someone orchestrated a complex plan to prevent Scott from marrying Ramona.

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Old Scott, his 37-year-old future self, kidnapped Scott with the help of the Katayanagi Twins through a vegan portal at a crucial moment of his battle against Matthew Patel. The motive? Old Scott regrets his own relationship with Ramona, leading to their eventual divorce in the future which has left him heartbroken.

Who wrote Young Neil’s movie script?

Young Neil's sleep paralysis demon
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During Scott’s stay in the future, Old Wallace takes Scott to meet Old Ramona to fix the situation. She then reveals that she too can time-travel. She was the one responsible for Young Neil’s feature-length screenplay so that Scott would find out the truth, should his future self succeed in his plan.

What was the robot’s part in Scott Pilgrim Takes Off?

Robot-01 escapes Julie's apartment
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As Ramona tries to uncover who kidnapped Scott, a mysterious robot named Robot-01 keeps on appearing during her investigation. This vegan-superpowered time-traveling recording device belongs to the Katayanagi Twins, two of Ramona’s evil exes from robotics school.

In the anime, Robot-01 plays a crucial role in kidnapping Scott and sending him to the future. Old Scott, seeking to prevent his younger self from ending up with Ramona, enlists the help of the twins and their robot.

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During his time in the future, Scott was able to control Robot-01 and make use of its ability to record and store footage. It was revealed that Scott made Robot-01 follow Ramona and he was able to witness her relentless search for him, intensifying his feelings for her.

Who is the final boss in the Scott Pilgrim Takes Off ending?

The final boss in the Scott Pilgrim Takes Off ending
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In a surprising twist, the final boss in Scott Pilgrim Takes Off ending is revealed to be none other than Scott Pilgrim himself, or more precisely, Even Older Scott.

The 47-year-old buffed version of Scott comes back from the future to battle his younger self, attempting to split Ramona and Scott for good.

Even Older Scott was so powerful, Knives Chau, together with Ramona’s Evil Exes, had to join the battle.

What happened in the Scott Pilgrim Takes Off ending?

The final battle in the Scott Pilgrim Takes Off ending
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The final showdown was stopped by the arrival of Even Older Ramona, who talked some sense into Even Older Scott making him realize his mistakes.

Ramona came to realize her own shortcomings and merged with Even Older Ramona to become Super Ramona, who declared her love for Scott and sent everyone back to their respective timelines.

Back in the premiere of the musical, Matthew Patel makes peace with Gordon Goose, formerly known as Gideon Graves, and gives him back the empire.

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In the epilogue, Sex Bob-omb welcomes their newest member, Knives Chau, Ramona continues to become a stunt double, Todd goes back to being vegan and becomes friends with Roxy, Lucas works at a coffee shop, and Wallace goes to Paris.

Gordon is back in his lair with countless screens showing Scott and Ramona. “Time for the real game to begin,” he said. Beside him is his new associate, his girlfriend, Julie Powers who said, “The goose is loose.”

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