My Daemon, a thrilling production by Hirotaka Adachi in collaboration with the Thai animation studio Igloo, is now available on Netflix.

My Daemon title screen
Screenshot by Ron Muyot/ONE Esports

The series marks the inaugural full anime venture for Igloo Studio, a Thai animation studio located in Bangkok. The studio previously worked on Love Death + Robots and has been involved in various projects such as Farmhouse, Warhammer: Odyssey, and the music video MV-Orbit.

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The anime series will feature English and Japanese audio, along with a variety of dubbing and subtitle options.

What is the story of My Daemon?

Kento and Anna in My Daemon Episode 1
Screenshot by Ron Muyot/ONE Esports

My Daemon is set in dystopian Japan, marred by a nuclear disaster that has ruptured the fabric of reality, causing Earth to collide with Hell.

The series follows the story of Kento, an elementary school student who found a daemon in the forest and raised it as his companion, naming it Anna. The duo embark on a journey to rescue Kento’s mother.

My Daemon voice actors

Iori Kusanagi in My Daemon Episode 1
Screenshot by Ron Muyot/ONE Esports
Kento TachibanaMiyuri ShimabukuroCassandra Lee Morris
AnnaCocoro KikuchiCristina Vee
Kaoru TachibanaFumiko OrikasaAmber Lee Connors
Kaede HoujouAyane SakuraRyan Bartley
IgisuShou OkumuraShou Okumura
Kouya KokonoeWataru HatanoRobbie Daymond
Kiriko NanbuNaoya MiyaseBenjamin Diskin
Genjiro HoujouJouji NakataBill Butts
Iori KusanagiFumiko OrikasaRobbie Daymond
Yuga UragaYuuichirou UmeharaKeith Silverstein
TakedaMasafumi KimuraPatrick Seitz
InouTakahiro YoshinoEdward Bosco
MitsuoHana SatoErica Mendez
KanataYu SasaharaCristina Vee
YutaNatsumi FujiwaraAnairis Quiñones
Kishi  Ryota SuzukiA.J. Beckles
MaimotoTaro KiuchiKeith Silverstein
Momoka AmamiyaMomo IshibashiGiselle Fernandez
Reiji AmamiyaHaruo SatouPatrick Seitz
Itsuki Ichinose  Nozomi TamakiCorina Boettger

My Daemon episode list

Kento in My Daemon Episode 1
Screenshot by Ron Muyot/ONE Esports

The first season of My Daemon consists of 13 episodes.

  1. The Grave Journey
  2. A Tough Decision
  3. Friend or Foe
  4. Corrupted Soul
  5. The Collector
  6. Awakening
  7. Impurity of Peace
  8. Separated
  9. The Little Friendship
  10. Strong-willed
  11. For All Departed Souls
  12. The Judgement
  13. At All Cost

All episodes are currently streaming on Netflix.

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Watch the trailer here.

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