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The widely popular manga from Kohei Horikoshi, My Hero Academia, has a fair share of movies and OVAs with no clear timeline or where they fit into the main story.

This makes it very hard for series enthusiasts, as they don’t know where to start despite wanting to watch My Hero Academia movies and OVAs.

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Shows you are going to want to watch if you like My Hero Academia

Now that we are slowly approaching the release of My Hero Academia season 7 and the end of the manga, we are here with a guide on the My Hero Academia movies, covering the current and upcoming movies, watch order, details on whether they are canon while going over the OVAs. 

All released and upcoming My Hero Academia movies

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At the time of this writing, My Hero Academia has four movies, three of which have already been released, and the fourth premieres on August 2, 2024, in Japan.

To make things easier for you, we have arranged every movie by their year of release:

My Hero Academia: Two Heroes2018
My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising2019
My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission2021
My Hero Academia: You’re Next2024

Are My Hero Academia movies canon?

Yes! The My Hero Academia movies are canon, even though the story they cover is not directly taken from the original manga by Kohei Horikoshi.

He was heavily involved in the movie scripts to ensure the characters, story, actions, and other aspects fit into the main story, making them a perfect watch for fans.

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My Hero Academia movies watch order

Here is the watch order for the current My Hero Academia movies:

  • My Hero Academia Season 1 and 2 anime
  • Movie 1: My Hero Academia: Two Heroes 
  • My Hero Academia Season 3, 4 and 5
  • Movie 2: My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising
  • Movie 3: My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission

While the Two Heroes movie is set after the events of the My Hero Academia season 2 of the anime, the events of the second and third movies, Heroes Rising and World Heroes’ Mission, take place between the “My Villain Academia” arc and the “Endeavor Agency” arcs. 

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My Hero Academia watch order for all the seasons and movies

For manga readers, the first movie occurs during Chapter 70, the second during Chapter 242, and the third during Chapter 257.

That aside, as for the upcoming movie “You’re Next,” based on the little information we have on the plot, it is set between the events of season 6 and the upcoming season 7 that premiers on May 4.

Are all My Hero Academia OVAs worth watching? 

Currently, My Hero Academia has eight OVAs. Horikoshi wrote the first one, while others were created under his supervision.

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Where to read the My Hero Academia manga right now

Each My Hero Academia OVA explores parts of the story that are not in the original manga. 

Still, it is great to watch as it lets us learn more about the side and main characters and some prominent figures, like Nana Shimura and others mentioned in the main story but who were deceased or never had screen time in the main anime or manga. 

That said, here are all the My Hero Academia OVAs:

Save! Rescue TrainingNovember 27, 2016
Training of the DeadJune 2, 2017
All Might RisingFebruary 13, 2019
Make It! Do-or-Die Survival TrainingAugust 16, 2020
DepartureFebruary 16, 2022
Hero League BaseballJune 16, 2022
Laugh! As If You Are in HellJune 16, 2022
U.A. Heroes BattleOctober 13, 2023

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