In the name of the Moon, this Jimmy Choo collection will punish your wallets!

Without a doubt, Naoko Takeuchi’s Sailor Moon has become one of the most iconic anime series of all time. The anime laid the groundwork for the mahou shoujo genre (magical girls), which later served as inspiration for numerous pop culture references.

Sailor Moon has long transcended the anime space and is making waves in the luxury scene in a breathtaking collaboration with Jimmy Choo.

Shut up and take our money — this pair of Sailor Moon boots from the Jimmy Choo collaboration is to die for

The highlight of the collaboration is this sparkling pair of hot pink Sailor Moon boots, which have been completely embellished with Swarovski crystals. These boots are made-to-order with personalized embroidery of your name and edition number, priced at about US$13,000.

Since it is a limited-edition release, these Sailor Moon boots will only be available for order until March 22. Customers who have already placed their orders can expect delivery in October.

If you prefer a simpler design, consider getting the Sailor Moon Boots 100. It has a crescent moon design near the top edge, filled with Swarovski crystals of all sizes.

This Jimmy Choo collection also features different types of shoewear to showcase the personalities of the Sailor Moon squad — blue patent ankle boots for Sailor Mercury, leather ankle boots for Sailor Jupiter, red pumps for Sailor Mars, and orange platform pumps for Sailor Venus.

We just couldn’t take our eyes off the iridescent, hologram loafers, which includes a mini charm of Luna, Sailor Moon’s magical pet cat.

All shoes come with matching shoulder and tote bags printed with Sailor Moon manga panels on their leather skins.

The Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask Varenne Tote Bag captures the lovebirds’ kissing scene in the manga. It looks so good on K-pop idol WinWin, don’t you agree?

Sailor Moon and Jimmy Choo collaboration full collection and prices

Jimmy Choo’s Sailor Moon shoes

Sailor Moon Crystal Boot 100US$12,800
Sailor Moon Boot 100US$1,490
Sailor Jupiter Boot 120US$1,200
Sailor Mercury Boot 140US$1,160
Luna Boot 100US$1,160
Sailor Venus Platform 140US$1,060
Luna Platform 140US$950
Luna Loafer 120US$900
Sailor Mars Pump 100US$800
Collage Diamond Light Maxi (black and white)US$590
Collage Diamond Light Maxi (colored)US$590

Jimmy Choo’s Sailor Moon luxury bags

Crystal Luna Minaudiere ClutchUS$5,300
Pearl Luna Minaudiere ClutchUS$1,800
Sailor Moon Varenne Quad XSUS$1,650
Sailor Mercury Varenne Quad XSUS$1,650
Sailor Mars Varenne Quad XSUS$1,650
Sailor Jupiter Varenne Quad XSUS$1,650
Sailor Venus Varenne Quad XSUS$1,650
Sailor Moon & Tuxedo Mask Varenne Quad XSUS$1,650
Sailor Moon & Tuxedo Mask Varenne ToteUS$1,400
Sailor Guardians Varenne ToteUS$1,400
Sailor Guardians Varenne Tote SUS$1,200
Collage Wrist BagUS$530
Sailor Guardians Rainbow Wrist BagUS$530
Sailor Moon x Jimmy Choo collaboration
Credit: Jimmy Choo, Naoko Takeuchi

Jimmy Choo’s Sailor Moon phone cases, wallets, and other accessories

Sailor Guardians Varenne Phone Case (black and white)US$590
Sailor Guardians Varenne Phone Case (colored)US$590
Sailor Guardians Hanni Wallet (black and white)US$420
Sailor Guardians Hanni Wallet (colored)US$420
Luna Card CaseUS$420
Moon Stick KeyringUS$380
Sailor Moon & Tuxedo Mask Lise-Z Card HolderUS$350
Sailor Moon & Tuxedo Mask Lise-Z Card HolderUS$350

Where to buy Sailor Moon boots and other items from the Jimmy Choo collaboration

Fans can purchase items from the Sailor Moon and Jimmy Choo collaboration on the luxury brand’s official website.

You can also catch the collection on these pop-up stores around the globe from February to March:

Japan Isetan BagsFebruary 15 to 21
Japan Isetan ShoesFebruary 15 to 21
China Beijing China WorldFebruary 14 to 27
UK London SelfridgesFebruary 14 to March 12

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