The Chainsaw Man manga unravels a brand new story within Denji‘s devil-infested universe.

Part 2 of Chainsaw Man focuses on a new protagonist named Asa Mitaka — an introverted high school student who detests small talk, class activities, and devils — and her everyday life after the events of Part 1.

Denji continues his life as a vigilante devil, with many bystanders becoming avid fans of his revving heroism.

To get you acquainted with new faces, here’s a detailed introduction to Haruka Iseumi in Chainsaw Man, including his background story, personality, and first appearance in the manga.

Warning: Major spoilers if you haven’t read chapters 110-117 of the Chainsaw Man manga.

Who is Haruka Iseumi in Chainsaw Man Part 2?

Haruka Iseumi is a supporting character in Chainsaw Man Part 2. He is the president of the Devil Hunter Club and the Student Council at Fourth East High School, the same school that Asa attends.

Asa meets the slender teenager on the school grounds a day after her battle with the Justice Devil. Impressed by her devil hunter skills, Haruka informs her that she’s been accepted into the Devil Hunter club.

Now part of the organization, Yoru the War Devil takes over and asks if he knows the real identity of Chainsaw Man. He then reveals that he is Chainsaw Man and shows off the cord sticking out of his chest.

During a routine patrol at the aquarium, Haruka and his devil hunter gang run into Asa and Denji who are on a date. The group soon discovers that they’re actually stuck in the building because of the Eternity Devil, the same devil that Denji encountered in Hotel Morin in Part 1.

As the students try to find ways out of the aquarium, Asa remembers that she has her mother’s cell phone. She tries to tiptoe to get reception, but ends up falling backward and breaking the phone.

Haruka berates the new member because of the silly mistake and tells her she isn’t a “team player”. Asa questions why Haruka hasn’t used his powers yet since he’s Chainsaw Man.

Haruka reveals that he isn’t Chainsaw Man and that the cord on his chest is actually a surgical implant. He just happens to be a massive fan who knows and owns everything about Chainsaw Man.

After the confession, Haruka starts to cry and calls out for Chainsaw Man to save him.

Once Asa breaks them out of the illusion by turning the entire aquarium into a spear, Haruka witnesses the power of Yoru, leaving the student devil hunter in awe.

Once they’re back in school, Haruka investigates who Asa really is and eavesdrops on her conversations with Denji.

Haruka Iseumi’s personality in Chainsaw Man

Haruka Iseumi comes off as a narcissist with an inflated sense of pride and status. He often introduces himself in an eccentric manner — listing his positions in his clubs — to catch the attention of people. When he met Asa, he lied about being Chainsaw Man just so that he could show off and impress her.

Having high-ranking positions in various clubs, he often takes the leadership role in a group, but doesn’t like to deal with unreliable people. During their time at the aquarium, he was quick to criticize Asa for accidentally breaking her phone.

First appearance of Haruka Iseumi in Chainsaw Man

Haruka Iseumi appears in chapter 112 as the leader of the devil hunter group investigating the schoolyard debris after Asa’s fight with the Justice Devil.

Where to read and watch Chainsaw Man

All 97 chapters of the Chainsaw Man’s first part, the Public Safety saga, are officially available on the VIZ Media website. You can read the three latest chapters of Part 2 for free on VIZ Media. New chapters will be available every Wednesday.

The anime adaptation concluded its first season on December 28. The series is available to stream on Crunchyroll and Amazon Prime Video.

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