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Part 2 of Chainsaw Man focuses on a new protagonist named Asa Mitaka — an introverted high school student who detests small talk, class activities, and devils — and her everyday life after the events of Part 1.

To get you acquainted with new faces in the series, here’s a detailed introduction to War Devil Yoru in Chainsaw Man, including her background story, personality, and first appearance in the manga.

Warning: Major spoilers if you haven’t read chapters 98, 99, and 101 of the Chainsaw Man manga.

Who is Yoru in Chainsaw Man Part 2?

Yoru is a main character in Chainsaw Man Part 2. She is also one of the Four Horsemen, a group of powerful devils.

While not much is known about Yoru, she enters the story with only one mission: to wage war on Chainsaw Man.

Yoru first meets Asa during an escalating argument with her class president and their teacher, Mr. Tanaka. The three were supposed to visit the grave of Bucky — the pet Chicken Devil that Asa accidentally crushed — but it was actually a trap.

The class president mocks Asa for being a “goody two-shoes” and reveals that she’s been having sexual relations with Tanaka even though he likes Asa. To get her revenge, she made a contract with the Justice Devil, who told her to trip her classmate while she was holding Bucky.

As the Justice Devil executes her, Asa felt relieved by the truth, but thinks that she should’ve had a better life. Yoru then appears as a bird-like creature and takes over Asa’s body to keep her alive.

Yoru reassembles Asa’s body, forming scars on the student’s face. The devil is able to create weapons out of anything it touches. After turning Tanaka’s spine into a sword, it kills the Justice Devil with a grenade made out of the opponent’s hand.

The next morning, Asa wakes up to find Yoru, who only appears as a hallucination, next to her bed. The War Devil explains that she took over her body because she goes to the same high school as Chainsaw Man, her main target.

The high schooler is initially reluctant to the new setup, but Yoru promises that she would return her body once they beat Chainsaw Man. Asa then signs up for the Devil Hunter club in hopes of finding the teenage vigilante.

Author Tatsuki Fujimoto has yet to clarify if Asa is a fiend or a hybrid, but chapter 99 mentions that she is able to have her own consciousness because the War Devil kept half of her brain intact.

Initially introduced as the War Devil, the character takes on the name of Yoru in chapter 101 when Asa Mitaka asks her about her real name.

Personality and powers of War Devil Yoru

Similar to other devils, Yoru is very confident in her abilities. She truly believes that she can defeat Chainsaw Man despite the events that happened in Part 1.

Yoru acts heartlessly towards Asa, often tolerating her trivial matters as a way to achieve her main goal. Whenever she gets the chance to get closer to finding Chainsaw Man, she takes over the body without Asa’s consent.

As the War Devil, she can create weapons out of people and objects. One of her iconic weapons is the Spinal Cord Sword, which is made by pulling out the head of a person.

Asa also has limited control of Yoru’s powers. She can only turn objects and people that she cherishes and cares about into powerful weapons.

First appearance of Yoru in Chainsaw Man

The War Devil is briefly mentioned in Part 1, chapter 84 as a member of the Four Horsemen.

Yoru appears in the first chapter of Part 2 (98) which depicts how she became one with Asa Mitaka.

Where to read and watch Chainsaw Man

All 97 chapters of the Chainsaw Man’s first part, the Public Safety saga, are officially available on the VIZ Media website. You can read the latest three chapters of Part 2 for free on VIZ Media. New chapters will be available every Wednesday.

The anime adaptation concluded its first season on December 28. The series is available to stream on Crunchyroll and Amazon Prime Video.

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