Haikyuu fans have reason to celebrate. The franchise’s latest film, Haikyuu Battle at the Garbage Dump, made a smashing debut in Japan, raking in an impressive JP¥890 million on its opening day. 

This news, shared on Haikyuu!!’s official X (formerly Twitter) account, marks a monumental achievement for anime movies, placing it as the fourth highest-grossing opening day release in Japan’s box office.

Funko Pop! Animation: Haikyu! - Shoyo Hinata
Credit: Funko
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Released on February 16, the Haikyuu movie is a sequel to the anime’s fourth season and sets the stage for the series finale.

The film follows the epic National Inter High tournament match between Karasuno and Nekoma High School.

Haikyuu Battle at the Garbage Dump becomes the fourth highest-grossing opening day release in Japan

Haikyuu!! The Battle at the Garbage Dump records fourth highest opening day in Japan's box office
Credit: HaiykuuEN, screenshot by Nigel Zalamea

The 2024 Haikyuu movie accumulated nearly US$6 million on February 16, 2024 alone.

This impressive achievement propelled the popular volleyball anime series to the top ranks of anime movies in Japan.

The top 10 highest-grossing anime movies of all time

Demon Slayer the Movie Mugen Train retains its position at the summit, having garnered a staggering JP¥1.2 billion on its opening day, according to Box Office Mojo. Jujutsu Kaisen 0 closely follows, securing the second spot with JP¥1.05 billion.

Haikyuu The Dumpster Battle claimed the fourth position, trailing behind One Piece Film Red, which nearly hit the JP¥1 billion mark, sitting in third place.

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Haikyuu Battle at the Garbage Dump not only broke box office records but also marked a significant milestone for the beloved volleyball anime series.

With four seasons, four movies, and five OVAs already released, the franchise now enters its final arc with the Dumpster Battle movie, serving as part one of the series’ grand finale.

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