Unleash your inner ninja and elevate your style with the all-new Colourpop Naruto collection.

Colourpop has joined forces with the iconic ninja saga to craft a stunning line of makeup products that truly embrace the essence of Naruto’s adventurous spirit. From eyeshadows inspired by the vibrant hues of ninja battles to liners representing the charisma of beloved characters, this collection is a celebration of all things Naruto.

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Colourpop Naruto collection pays homage to the world’s most popular anime

The collection features five different makeup products for the eyes, lips, and body. The highlight of the lineup is the Naruto Pressed Powder Palette, which is a 15-pan palette of glamorous shades named after places, techniques, characters, and establishments that appeared in the anime.

If you’ve ever dreamt of having eyelids adorned with the same shade as Sakura Haruno’s pink hair or the mesmerizing deep blue of a Rasengan, then this palette is an absolute must-have.

Complete and full Colourpop Naruto collection collaboration featuring eyeshadow palette, lip oils, gel liners, and individual eyeshadow jars.
Credit: Colourpop, Masashi Kishimoto

Colourpop Naruto eyeshadow palette shade names

Byakugansoft icy silver;metallic
Copy Ninjapale grey with silvery pinpoints; matte sparkle
Hidden Leaf Villagesoft metallic gold; metallic
Ramen Ichirakunudie pink with silvery pinpoints; matte sparkle
Sakurametallic baby pink with gold duo chrome finish; duo- chrome
Hidden Stone Villagewarm nude beige; matte
Rasenganmetallic baby pink with gold duo chrome finish; duo-chrome
Nine-Tailsmetallic coppery orange; metallic
Sharinganmetallic cranberry; metallic
Hidden Sand Villageneutral mauve; matte
Joninsoft khaki; matte
Hidden Mist Villagematte deep teal; matte
Herometallic gold; metallic
Kazekagematte rich wine; matte
Hidden Cloud Villagecool-toned deep brown; matte

Aside from the eyeshadow palette, the Colourpop Naruto collection also includes eyeshadow jars and gel liners designed after the initial members of Team 7 — Sakura, Sasuke Uchiha, and Naruto Uzumaki.

Each makeup is housed in packaging adorned with the Naruto text logo and the shippo pattern — a traditional Japanese motif where circles overlap in quarters. Moreover, certain items display the iconic Konoha logo, accompanied by illustrations of the formidable ninja trio, making these an ideal gift for your Naruto-obsessed friends.

Colourpop Naruto collection products and prices

Complete and full Colourpop Naruto collection collaboration featuring eyeshadow palette, lip oils, gel liners, and individual eyeshadow jars.
Credit: Colourpop, Masashi Kishimoto
Naruto x Colourpop CollectionUS$89
Ninja-In-Training BundleUS$32
Naruto Pressed Powder PaletteUS$24
Ninja Academy Super Shock Shadow SetUS$25
Super Shock ShadowsUS$9 each
Strongest Jutsu Creme Gel Liner SetUS$24
BFF Creme Gel LinersUS$9 each
Gold Dust Glitterally Obsessed Body Glitter GelUS$12
Chakra Lux Lip OilUS$11

Where to buy the Colourpop Naruto collection

Fans can purchase these Naruto makeup products on Colourpop’s website on July 20 at 10 a.m. PST | 5 p.m. GMT | July 21 at 1 a.m. GMT+8 and on Ulta Beauty stores in the US nationwide on July 30.

Colourpop Naruto collection giveaway

Colourpop is giving away their entire Naruto collection for free, as well as an Akatsuki Cloud Otaku Lamp and an Akatsuki Cloud LED Neon Sign 2FT (Naruto Shippuden) in partnership with Otaku Lamps.

Follow these steps to enter their Instagram and Twitter giveaways:

Colourpop Naruto collection Instagram giveaway

  1. Like this post.
  2. Follow Colourpop and Otaku Lamps on Instagram.
  3. Tag one of your friends in the comments.
  4. To earn a bonus entry, comment the emoji “fish cake with swirl” on Colourpop’s recent Instagram posts.

Colourpop Naruto collection Twitter giveaway

  1. Like and retweet this post.
  2. Follow Colourpop and Otaku Lamps on Twitter.
  3. Reply to the tweet with the emoji “fish cake with swirl”.

Both giveaways end on July 24 at 2 p.m. PST | 9 p.m. GMT | July 25 at 5 a.m. GMT+8 and the winners will be announced on July 28 under the same respective posts.

Note that participants must be 18 years old or older and are residents of the U.S. and DC.

ColourPop is a popular cosmetics brand known for its high-quality, affordable makeup products. They gained fame for their vast range of vibrant and trendy colors, particularly in their eyeshadows, lipsticks, and blushes. ColourPop products are widely praised for their pigmentation, blendability, and long-lasting wear, making them a favorite among makeup enthusiasts and beauty influencers alike.

Naruto is a Japanese manga and anime series created by Masashi Kishimoto. It follows the journey of Naruto Uzumaki, a young ninja with a dream of becoming the strongest and most respected Hokage (leader) of his village, Konoha. The story revolves around themes of friendship, perseverance, and the pursuit of one’s goals, as Naruto seeks to overcome his past and protect his loved ones while striving to be acknowledged by his fellow villagers.

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