As Ufotable’s Demon Slayer gained popularity over the years, a range of Demon Slayer Funko Pop figures hit the shelves, showcasing the beloved characters, scenes, and techniques from the series.

Who is the first demon in Demon Slayer?

With a variety of designs to choose from, which Demon Slayer Funko Pops truly stand out from the rest?

Let’s take a closer look into the details of these figures, brought to life through the collaboration of Funko Inc., Koyoharu Gotoge, Shueisha, Aniplex, and Ufotable.

Demon Slayer Funko Pop

Tanjiro with Noodles

Funko Pop! Animation: Demon Slayer - Tanjiro with Noodles
Credit: Funko Inc.

If you’re a fan of the protagonist, Tanjiro Kamado, why not bring him into your collection with this Demon Slayer Funko?

How many Hashira are there in Demon Slayer?

This unique figure captures Tanjiro in a more relaxed pose as he enjoys a meal, slurping noodles with a determined expression. The attention to detail sets this Funko Pop apart, showcasing Tanjiro’s love for yamakake udon—a delightful dish featuring thick noodles topped with raw grated Japanese mountain yam.

VIEW PRICE: Demon Slayer Funko Pop – Tanjiro with Noodles

By adding this figure to your collection, you not only get to admire Tanjiro’s character in a different light, but also might find yourself developing a newfound appreciation for the delicious dish.

Giyu Tomioka

Funko Demon Slayer Giyu Tomioka Pop Figure (AAA Anime Exclusive)
Credit: Funko Inc.

Don’t cry, don’t despair — now is the time to rejoice with this Giyu Tomioka Funko!

This Funko Pop shows his technique, Eleventh Form: Dead Calm, featured in battles against formidable foes like Rui and Muzan in the series.

VIEW PRICE: Demon Slayer Funko Pop Giyu Tomioka Pop Figure (AAA Anime Exclusive)

As the Water Hashira within the Demon Slayer Corps, Giyu Tomioka is a skilled swordsman. His character is marked by a calm and stoic demeanor. However, beneath this facade lies a highly capable and reliable fighter. Giyu specializes in water-breathing swordsmanship, employing water-based techniques to confront and defeat demons in intense battles.

This Funko Pop is a perfect representation of Giyu’s strength and resilience in the face of adversity.

Zenitsu Agatsuma

Funko POP Animation: Demon Slayer - Zenitsu Agatsuma, Multicolor, 3.75 inches
Credit: Funko Inc.

Don’t judge a swordsman when he’s asleep — especially if it’s Zenitsu Agatsuma! This Demon Slayer Funko Pop beautifully captures Zenitsu’s unique strength, which paradoxically only comes to life when he’s in the realm of dreams.

While asleep, he can fight with unparalleled judgment, precision, and skill. Freed from the inhibitions of his nerves, Zenitsu becomes a formidable force on the battlefield.

VIEW PRICE: Demon Slayer Funko Pop Zenitsu Agatsuma

Despite his initial fears and anxieties, Zenitsu undergoes character growth throughout the show, overcoming challenges and becoming a loyal companion to Tanjiro and the gang.

This Funko Pop is a perfect representation of Zenitsu’s multifaceted character and his crucial role in the ongoing battle of the Demon Slayer Corps against demons.

Nezuko Kamado Metallic Special Edition

Funko Pop Demon Slayer Nezuko Kamado Metallic Special Edition Exclusive Multicolor
Credit: Funko Inc.

Nezuko Kamado, the adorable little sister of Tanjiro in the Demon Slayer franchise, takes center stage in this special Funko Pop.

This figure showcases Nezuko in a fighting stance, complete with her bamboo mouth guard to prevent her from biting anyone.

VIEW PRICE: Demon Slayer Funko Pop Nezuko Kamado Metallic Special Edition

This figure boasts a distinctive metallic finish, setting it apart from the typical Funko Pops with its plasticky, acrylic appearance. The metallic finish gives it a reflective quality, adding an extra touch of uniqueness to this must-have collectible for Demon Slayer enthusiasts.

Kyojuro Rengoku

Funko Pop! Animation: Demon Slayer - Kyojuro Rengoku
Credit: Funko Inc.

Looking for a Demon Slayer Funko Pop that exudes a mighty aura? Look no further than this Kyojuro Rengoku Funko.

Rengoku, known for his incredible strength, exceptional swordsmanship, and unwavering loyalty to the Demon Slayer Corps, is perfectly captured in this figure. Armed with the Flame Breathing technique, he uses fire-based attacks that are visually striking and highly effective against demons.

VIEW PRICE: Demon Slayer Funko Pop Kyojuro Rengoku

Honoring Rengoku for his bravery, impact, and the huge sacrifice he made in the franchise, this Funko Pop deserves a place in your Demon Slayer collection. It’s a fitting tribute to a character whose legacy left an indelible mark on the series.

Tanjiro with Dragon

POP! Animation: Demon Slayer - Tanjiro with Dragon (Exclusive) (Glow in The Dark)
Credit: Funko Inc.

Relive the unforgettable Demon Slayer season 1 episode 19 titled with this Tanjiro with a Dragon Funko Pop.

In this iconic moment, Tanjiro uses the Tenth Form: Constant Flux, the strongest Water Breathing form among the eleven known forms in the series.

VIEW PRICE: Demon Slayer Funko Pop Tanjiro with Dragon (Exclusive) (Glow in The Dark)

Capturing the essence of this form, the Funko Pop shows Tanjiro in action with a continuous flowing attack, transforming into a water dragon.

This water dragon, visible right behind Tanjiro as he wields his sword, is no ordinary feature — it boasts a glow-in-the-dark effect, making it stand out as one of the best Demon Slayer Funko Pops on the market.

Tanjiro versus Rui

Funko Pop! Moment: Demon Slayer - Tanjiro vs. Rui
Credit: Funko Inc.

Season 1, episode 19 of Demon Slayer, known as the “Hinokami” episode, has etched its place in anime history with the intense showdown between Tanjiro and Rui, the primary antagonist from the Mount Natagumo Arc. Now, you can own a piece of this epic battle with the Tanjiro versus Rui Funko Pop set.

This climactic moment showcases Tanjiro’s mastery of Hinokami Kagura, a Breathing Style learned from his father in his childhood. The battle transforms into a stunning sword fire dance, brought to life in glorious animation style by Ufotable.

With the aid of Nezuko’s Blood Demon Art, Tanjiro secures victory against Rui in a single, decisive strike using this technique.

VIEW PRICE: Demon Slayer Funko Pop Tanjiro versus Rui

Now, fans can revisit this battle with the special Funko Pop set, complete with accessories, making it a perfect homage to one of the most memorable and intense scenes in the Demon Slayer franchise.

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