Wild Rift’s esports scene continues to grow as Riot Games announces a new and dedicated competitive circuit in Brazil called the “Wild Tour”.

Brazil’s Wild Tour opens up the Wild Rift competitive scene

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Credit: Riot Games

After showing what Southeast Asia (SEA) is all about at the Wild Rift Summer Super Cup, Riot Games is bringing the esports action to Brazil with “Wild Tour”.

Wild Tour is Brazil’s own Wild Rift competitive circuit, with qualifiers set to begin later this August.

Wild Rift’s Wild Tour Brazil: Schedule, start date, format, prize pool

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Credit: Riot Games

The tournament will hold four open qualifiers throughout August and September 2021.

The top eight teams who will accumulate enough circuit points will qualify for the Brazilian final.

Wild Tour’s final will be an offline event to be held later this October at Riot Games’ São Paulo studio. The tournament will offer a total of US$50,000 (R$250,000) prize pool which will be distributed throughout the competition.

The Wild Tour champion team will automatically secure a slot for Wild Rift’s first global event, which will take place later this year according to Riot Games.

Prior to the main event, a two-day invitational will commence this month, called the “Wild Rift Season Start”.

Wild Rift Season Start Brazil: Schedule, prize pool, where to watch

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Credit: Nimo TV

Wild Rift Season Start will officially mark the start of Brazil’s competitive scene with four invited teams competing for a US$11,000 (R$55,000) prize pool.

Wild Rift Season Start’s semifinals will be held on July 9. The two winning teams will advance to the final to be played on July 10.

During the invitational, Riot Games Brazil will also drop more details about the upcoming Wild Tour circuit.

The list of participating teams for Season Start will be revealed in the next few days as the tournament draws near.

Fans can watch Wild Rift Season Start exclusively on Nimo TV Brasil.

Brazil was one of the countries that Riot Games picked to launch its Wild Rift alpha testing last year.

Since then, the MOBA game has become a hit among local players, who have established their own Wild Rift community tournaments.

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