EVOS Esports are the champions of the 2021 Wild Rift Summer Super Cup, the finale of the Summer Season of the SEA Icon Series.

The dominance EVOS Esports had during the group stage continued through the playoffs, where they won the 5-game grand final against Taiwan’s ONE Team Esports.

They took home the grand prize of USD $25,000, and were crowned Wild Rift’s first international champions.

EVOS Esports wins the championship after an exciting five-game series

An intense 5-game series saw both EVOS Esports and ONE Team Esports in top form.

EVOS Athip “Thipper” Thungsam on Camille used Hextech Ultimatum in great combination with the Mega Inferno Bomb from Nuttapong “G4” Menkasikan’s Ziggs in the first match. Thipper’s map awareness also allowed EVOS to play heavily into team fights.

ONE Team Esports started getting momentum in Game 2 and Game 3. In Game 2, ONE Team’s KID on Gragas repeatedly used Explosive Cask to split EVOS’ aggression, enabling ONE Team to secure the lead.

EVOS admitted that ONE Team’s BaiYa was a difficult player to go up against, for he’s known to be a master at making plays on Corki.

EVOS dedicated their bans to Baiya’s Corki in Games 4 and 5, giving them more confidence to be aggressive.

In Game 4, Prasittichai “Valdus” Jiadchat’s Olaf aggressively led the way for EVOS, and the Thai team was able to back ONE Team into their base. This kept EVOS Esports in the fight, bringing the series score to 2-2.

A grueling final game saw both teams evenly matched. ONE Team secured the first Baron Nashor and broke through the first inhibitor turret, but then EVOS then took a worthy gamble on the Elder Dragon and the next Baron.

This powered EVOS’ siege onto ONE Team’s base. As ONE Team tried to push back, EVOS decided to beat them to the punch, taking the game and winning the grand final.

Teamwork makes the dream work for EVOS Esports

A combination of experienced veterans and skilled rookies make up the EVOS Esports’ roster.

The presence of former League of Legends pro G4 puts a lot of attention on the team. Once known as “the shining star of Thai League of Legends”, G4’s experience and skill has helped to make EVOS Esports an unrivaled team in the Summer Super Cup.

The team’s coach, Juckkirsts “Lloyd” Kongubon, was a former teammate of G4 in the League of Legends scene. G4 says that Lloyd’s experience as a pro player makes him a good coach, as he’s able to understand the players’ mindsets.

“We previously had a coach who was quite harsh,” shared G4 in an exclusive interview with ONE Esports Thailand. “And Lloyd knows that adopting that same style would affect these players negatively. Personally, I think he manages the team well as we work together with ease.”

EVOS Valdus, though new to the professional esports scene, was given the title of “best jungler in Wild Rift” by shoutcaster TJ. His tandem with fellow newcomer Athip “Thipper” Thungsam won EVOS many games, and were highly praised by analysts.

“We are the closest because we play rank together a lot,” said Valdus. “But it goes for the whole team. Our team’s biggest advantage is our communication. That’s why we can move as one in-game.

The team’s winning roster is as follows:

  • Athip “Thipper” Thungsam (Thipper)
  • Prasittichai “Valdus” Jiadchat (Jungler)
  • Nuttapong “G4” Menkasikan (Mid lane)
  • Jirapat “CatSatan” Khawmee (Dragon lane)
  • Anusak “Miracle” Manpadung (Support)
  • Juckkirsts “Lloyd” Kongubon (Coach/Captain)

Vietnam and Taiwan Wild Rift teams were the hardest opponents for EVOS Esports

EVOS Esports first emerged as the top team from the SEA Icon Series Thailand, and were favorites to win the Summer Super Cup.

The team only lost once during the group stages to Philippines’ Team Secret. During the playoffs, EVOS Esports swept Singapore’s Alliance 3-0, and also beat out Vietnam’s SBTC Esports with a 3-1 score.

The team admitted that they had a tough time fighting against the teams from Taiwan and Vietnam, with ONE Team Esports being especially challenging.

“We never played against ONE Team Esports before,” shared Valdus. “We saw some of their plays from other streams, but they have different styles of play against different teams. Plus, their team fighting is really strong.”

What’s next for EVOS Esports?

After a brief break, EVOS Esports will be back training for the SEA Icon Series Fall Season. Anusak “Miracle” Manpadung said that the team still has a lot to improve on.

“We need to widen our champion pool, especially since other teams have already seen us play,” Miracle shared with ONE Esports.

G4 also says the team also has their eyes set on the confirmed Wild Rift World Championship, which will take place later this year, with the goal of becoming world champions.

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