Out of all the champion changes that were implemented in Wild Rift patch 2.3b, the biggest winner is Irelia, the newest Ionian to join the roster.

A high skill champion ported over from PC, Riot Games is making her even easier to play on mobile. She received increased healing against minions, and increased overall damage.

Irelia buffs on Wild Rift patch 2.3b

Base Stats

  • Base mana regen increased from 15 to 18

First ability – Bladesurge

  • Base damage increased from 10/40/70/100 to 15/45/75/105
  • Healing Attack Damage ratio increased from 0.14/0.16/0.18/0.2 to 0.19/0.21/0.23/0.25

Third ability – Flawless Duet

  • Base damage increased from 70/120/170/220 to 100/150/200/250

Ultimate – Vanguard’s Edge

  • Barrage base damage increased from 125/225/325 to 125/250/375
  • Bladewall damage increased from 75/125/175 to 100/150/200

League of Legends: Wild Rift, Irelia
Credit: Riot Games

How good will Irelia be on Wild Rift patch 2.3b?

Bladesurge, her bread and butter ability, was given an extra five base damage at all ranks plus extra healing ratios, which is significant.

Even more buffed is her third crowd control ability, Flawless Duet, which if you manage to land, will deal an extra 30 damage at all ranks!

In this same Wild Rift patch 2.3b, Riot nerfed the base armor of Katarina, Twisted Fate, and Ziggs from 35 to 30, three prominent magic damage champions in the mid lane. In turn, this buffs Irelia even more, making her doubly strong against them.

Be prepared to play or face off against Irelia in mid and Baron lane form now on.

Click here to read the full Wild Rift patch 2.3b notes.

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