The group stages of the Wild Rift Summer Super Cup have concluded, with EVOS Esports, Amihan Esports, Flash Wolves, and Cerberus Esports at the top of the standings of their respective groups. 

Cerberus Esports, the second seed from Vietnam enjoyed a dominant run through the group stages of the Summer Super Cup. They have only been defeated once, by Onic Esports. It was in this memorable match against Onic Esports that Cerberus Genza achieved the first pentakill of the Summer Super Cup.

Cerberus Genza brings League of Legends PC experience to Wild Rift

Trần “Genza” Hồng Phúc was a former League of Legends PC player from GAM Esports. As a mid laner for GAM, he participated in the League of Legends Vietnamese Championship Series in 2019 and in 2020.

He now plays for Cerberus Esports on Wild Rift as their captain and dragon laner, usually favoring Ezreal, Corki or Tristana.

Cerberus Genza gets the first pentakill of the Summer Super Cup

Cerberus Esports and Onic Esports opened the final day of the group stages with a match that kept everyone guessing as to who would win. 

At the mid game mark, a massive clash for the Cloud Drake took down all of Cerberus Esports except for Genza on Corki, leaving him to seek sanctuary at the base. Onic Esports then took the opportunity to push into Cerberus’ base with only Genza defending in a 1v5 situation.

What nobody expected was that Cerberus Genza would successfully be able to defend, taking down all of Onic Esports himself and resulting in the Summer Super Cup’s first pentakill.

As the rest of the Cerberus Esports came back into the game, they then made their way to Onic’s base, taking Baron Nashor and the Cloud Drake along the way. They managed to get to Onic’s base, but were thwarted by Onic as well.

Onic eventually won the series, but Cerberus Esports still managed to finish the group stages at the top of the standings in Group C. 

Both teams advanced to the Summer Super Cup playoffs, which will be broadcast on the official Riot Games Twitch channel this weekend. You can check out all the details about the Summer Super Cup over here.

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