36 all-female Southeast Asian teams battled it out in the FSL Wild Rift Open II over two days last weekend, and one particular Corki Special Delivery maneuver received a lot of attention.

In the lower bracket semifinals, Thailand’s Space Gamer Kallyx did the impossible — they eliminated the FSL Wild Rift Open I champions, Nexplay Tempest of the Philippines.

But how they managed to do it is an even better story.

How Space Gamer Kallyx pressured Nexplay Tempest

Space Gamer Kallyx relied on their jungler Vi to make aggressive moves in the early game so that their mid lane Corki and Dragon Lane Ezreal could scale up. Picking on Nexplay’s Challenger ranked star AD carry Chabi, Joule’s Vi caught her out of position multiple times.

18 minutes into the best-of-one, Nexplay Tempest could not find a single kill, while Space Gamer Kallyx had six on the board. Knowing that they had to do something to stay in the game, the moment that Nexplay Tempest saw their opponents group around the Mountain Elder Dragon, they made a beeline for Baron.

Moments before Space Girl Kallyx pulled off a 2v5 Corki Special Delivery
Screenshot by Amanda Tan/ONE Esports

The ultimate Corki Special Delivery over Baron pit

However, with limited vision on the map, Nexplay Tempest had no idea how many Space Gamer Kallyx members were at Elder. Likewise, without wards, they could not see anything beyond the Baron pit.

Just as Baron was down to 2,600 health, ANDY’s Garen flashed over the wall, and Namhom followed with a Corki Special Delivery.

Equipped with The Package in a risky 2v5, Namhom’s Corki blazed through Nexplay Tempest twice with Special Delivery for a double kill. A clutch Zhonya’s allowed Corki to stay alive while backup arrived.

Pushing the limits of this champion, Namhom flashed and repositioned with another Corki Special Delivery to finish the fight with an incredible quadra kill.

On top of that, ANDY’s Garen managed to steal Baron in the process, sealing the win for Space Gamer Kallyx.

The Thai representatives went on to face Vietnam’s EVOS Savage Girl, but unfortunately lost in the lower bracket semifinals.

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