Like most other competitive games, Valorant is home to its fair share of toxic behavior. Now, Riot Games is experimenting with a zero-tolerance report system for Valorant in Turkey, in an attempt to get rid of bad actors in the game.

Dubbed Alarmbot, the new reporting system is designed to help Riot take quicker action against players who engage in so-called zero-tolerance behavior while playing Valorant.

For anyone who has had their game ruined by bigotry, harassment, or any other sort of malicious attacks, this move should be welcome news. While it’s only in place in Turkey for now, Riot says it is testing the report system first before possibly rolling it out worldwide.

How will Riot’s zero-tolerance Alarmbot report system work in Valorant?

The report system seems fairly rudimentary at the moment. Riot is asking players to send reports to, which will be manned by its Support Team.

Players should include a screenshot or video recording of the incident, as well as the offender’s Riot ID. To speed up the process, additional details like the date of the encounter and a player’s own Riot ID can help the team confirm the evidence.

An in-game reporting system, much like the current one used to report things like cheating and throwing, would be preferred, but it seems like Riot is treating these zero-tolerance cases as entirely separate for now.

Valorant agent Killjoy in Duality cinematic
Credit: Riot Games

In an article posted on Valorant’s Turkish site, Riot Community Manager Bahadir “Dunpy” Guven said that these measures were designed together with the Valorant Social Dynamics and Player Dynamics team, and the goal was to create an environment where games are more enjoyable.

Riot defines zero-tolerance actions as “extreme behavior”, citing threats of violence as an example. Nevertheless, that definition is still quite vague, which may be why the company has set up the email system so it can examine each case more closely.

The game developer and publisher particularly singled out negative behavior towards women gamers as an example of zero-tolerance behavior it wants to root out. The new report system hopes to provide a space where all players feel safe, have fun, and do not hesitate to communicate in game.

The current implementation is also limited to Turkey. Dunpy said that it will probably not be permanent and that new, automated systems will eventually be launched.

What punishments will be given for zero-tolerance behavior?

The penalty will depend on the severity of the offense. Some players’ accounts will be permanently suspended, while others will have a 7- or 14-day ban. If they repeat the behavior, they’ll face permanent bans.

Riot wants the Alarmbot report system to be a strong deterrent, but it also wants to give players a chance at changing for the better.

If your Alarmbot report results in a penalty for the reported player, Riot will also let you know.

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