Valorant Agent 21 finally has a name.

The dashing South Asian agent goes by the name of Harbor, and two short teasers dropped by Riot Games also show off a glimpse of his water-bending abilities and high-tech gadgets.

The upcoming controller has been teased for nearly a month, through developer posts and Easter Eggs in the practice range. A fugitive on the run, he has supposedly stolen a powerful artifact, and now both REALM and the Valorant Protocol are trying to track him down.

Harbor will be the game’s first controller since Astra was introduced in March 2021 — a long overdue addition to the Valorant roster.

Valorant’s next controller is called Harbor

After nearly a month of cryptic messages and teasers, we can now put a name and face to Valorant’s upcoming controller.

Harbor makes his first appearance in a livestream from a roadside restaurant, or dhaba. In the middle of the recording, water from a glass begins levitating toward a mysterious figure on a speeding motorcycle.

The video provides a glimpse of Harbor’s water abilities, which have been hinted at throughout the multiple teasers.

A second clip shows a small circular device being released from the side of a motorcycle. It bounces once, then appears to prime itself to detonate. We don’t get to see the aftermath on screen, however, so it’s not immediately clear what the device does.

That said, Riot’s announcement image for Harbor may provide some clues, where a spherical bubble can be seen behind the figure of him on his bike. This is possibly his signature ability that leaked back in August.

According to that leak, Harbor’s signature ability is called Bubble, which allows him to place down a dome that can block bullets. The bubble in the image also has very familiar ripples on it, similar to the visual effect on Astra’s Cosmic Divide wall — another bullet-blocking ability — when you fire at it.

There is also a wall of water behind him, which was first seen in the Easter Egg from Cypher’s office in the practice range. The accompanying image from the audio file also showed five REALM soldiers facing a water wall, which is reminiscent of Viper’s Toxic Screen.

Finally, in the background of the image, we can see a flooded city in the throes of some sort of environmental catastrophe.

It is still too early to tell if Harbor will be seen as a hero or villain, but we’ll get to learn more about the new agent when he’s released in Valorant Episode 5 Act 3 sometime next week.

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