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Valorant’s real-world-inspired maps are the foundation of strategic gameplay, influencing player strategies, metas, and agent choices, even among professional players. 

Each map presents unique gameplay mechanics and aesthetics, from the Venice-inspired Ascent to the Moroccan-themed Bind.

Top Valorant players study the map extensively to craft inventive tactics, shaping a constantly evolving competitive scene.

Complete list of Valorant map names


Valorant map Bind attacker spawn view
Credit: Riot Games
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Bind’s unique feature is its absence of a midsection, replacing it with two one-way teleporters: one connects A short to B short, while the other links B long to A lobby.

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Players walk into the corresponding section of the wall to use these teleporters, instantly arriving in a small room. The teleporter door is initially closed and can only be opened by players inside, preventing those outside from opening it, though gunfire can penetrate it.


Astra versus the enemy team
Credit: Riot Games

Haven introduces a third spike site without changing the number of ultimate orbs, which remain at two in A long and C long.

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Additionally, the doors at Mid have destructible panels that absorb damage while intact. When damaged sufficiently, these panels can be destroyed, enabling players to wallbang through the doors for the remainder of the round.


Split changes after Valorant patch 6.0
Credit: Riot Games, ONE Esports

Split features the introduction of ascenders, with three sets placed strategically across the map. Two facilitating access from sewer to A lobby, one enabling movement from B hell to B tower, and four aiding navigation through vents.

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Valorant patch 3.06 Ascent site change, Valorant, Riot Games
Credit: Riot Games

Ascent incorporates mechanical doors at its spike sites, with one door for each site, A Link for A and Market for B, that starts open at the beginning of each round.

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Players can activate a switch located near the door to close or open it. These doors are impervious when shut but have 500 HP, permitting players to damage and ultimately destroy them, leaving the doorway permanently open for the remainder of the round.


XEXIA Esports' sScary aiming to cast Viper's Pit on Icebox Site A against OpTic Gaming
Screenshot by Amanda Tan/ONE Esports

Icebox introduces horizontal ziplines at A site, making it a unique map.

With complex combat spaces, plenty of cover, and verticality, this map emphasizes sharp aim, adaptive strategies, and intense skirmishes.

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It also innovatively features different elevation levels at the plant sites, offering nesting areas accessible via ropes where players can plant the spike on the nest floor.


Full list of Valorant Breeze map guides: Agent tier lists, lineups, smoke spots
Credit: ONE Esports, Riot Games
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Breeze introduces unique features primarily on the A side of the map, specifically related to A hall.

Ropes provide access to A hall, with defenders using the rope at the back of A site to reach bridge and hall, while attackers use the rope in A lobby to access hall.

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A site includes an impenetrable and indestructible mechanical door into A hall, operated by switches on both sides that are initially closed at the start of each round.


Valorant agent Deadlock's Sonic Sensor ablity on Fracture
Credit: Riot Games

Fracture features a distinctive design with four neutral quadrants. At the beginning of each round, defenders can access the sites on opposite sides of the map.

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At the same time, attackers can traverse to the other side via cross-map ziplines underneath defender spawn.

Notably, during the buy phase, defenders cannot hear Attackers using these ziplines, adding a tactical element to the gameplay.


Pearl changes from Valorant patch 5.06
Credit: Riot Games

Pearl is a two-site, three-lane map with a more traditional design, in contrast to strategically complex maps like Icebox, Breeze, and Fracture.

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Pearl doesn’t incorporate dynamic elements or mechanical hooks for gameplay unlike its predecessors, making it the first straightforward map.


Full list of Valorant Lotus map guides: Agent tier lists, lineups, smokes, walls
Credit: ONE Esports, Riot Games
Full list of Valorant Lotus map guides: Agent tier lists, lineups, smokes, walls

Lotus is Valorant’s second three-site map. It introduces multiple features across its layout. Unlike Haven, Lotus includes a third ultimate orb located at mid.

Notable features include a rope ascender at A Site’s back for easy access to A top and silenced falls when descending from A top to A drop.

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Additionally, Lotus incorporates rotating doorways, one on A side between A main and A tree, and another on C side between C mound and B main.


Valorant Sunset map mid area
Credit: Riot Games

Sunset is a traditional map featuring two sites and three lanes, with a unique mechanical door between B market and Mid courtyard.

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Players can control this door using a switch on the market side, allowing them to open or close it. The closed door blocks access to the site, but it can be destroyed.


Valorant's 10th map Abyss overhead shot from Riot Games' official press release
Credit: Riot Games

Abyss, Valorant’s 11th map, immerses players into an unseen subterranean realm. Set aside conventional tactics, because Abyss disrupts the norm with its intricate multi-tiered design.

Prepare to elevate your skills in maneuverability and spatial awareness to conquer this unprecedented challenge set in a remote, subterranean island.

While still centered around the primary goal of planting the Spike, Abyss introduces two distinct zones for attackers to prioritize.

Full list of Valorant map names and where they’re based on

Valorant map Ascent overview
Credit: Riot Games
BindMorocco (Rabat)June 2, 2020
HavenBhutan (Thimphu)June 2, 2020
SplitJapan (Tokyo)June 2, 2020
AscentItaly (Venice)June 2, 2020
IceboxRussia (Bennett Island)October 13, 2020
BreezeAtlantic Ocean (Bermuda Triangle)April 27, 2021
FractureUnited States of America (New Mexico)September 8, 2021
PearlPortugal (Lisbon)June 22, 2022
LotusIndia (Western Ghats)January 10, 2023
SunsetUnited States of America (Los Angeles)August 29, 2023
AbyssRemote island off the coast of IcelandJune 11, 2024

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