North American Valorant streamer Jay “Sinatraa” Won did not mince his words about the new Yoru rework that was recently announced by Riot Games, which includes huge changes to the duelist’s agent abilities.

Top players like Sentinels’ Tyson “TenZ” Ngo and Team Liquid’s Adil “ScreaM” Benrlitom believe that these new changes will improve Valorant’s lurking duelist, but Sinatraa thinks otherwise, and remarked that Yoru is still a terrible agent.

Sinatraa is not sold on the new Yoru rework Riot Games announced

Sentinel's Sinatraa
Credit: Sentinels

The former Sentinels pro player mentioned on his Twitch stream that “[Yoru] is actually terrible,” after reading the State of the Agent blog post Riot Games released.

Fans in his Twitch chat, however, remained hyped about the upcoming buffs, especially Yoru’s reworked Fakeout ability. The lurking duelist will soon be able to send out a carbon copy of himself that runs forward and explodes when shot. Opponents that shoot the decoy will also receive a flash in a “conal direction.”

Sinatraa’s Twitch viewers commented that Yoru’s new Fakeout ability “is going to be nuts,” but the popular Valorant streamer believes it might only work in iron ranks. “The decoy is probably the worst part of his kit,” he responded.

Sinatraa then shot down the idea that Yoru’s updated Dimensional Drift ultimate is broken. The new changes will allow the agent to use all of his abilities while channeling his ultimate, which makes it perfect for helping his team set up plays.

Unimpressed, Sinatraa undermined these buffs, noting that Yoru’s abilities can only be used properly when he uses his ultimate. The Dimensional Drift requires six ultimate points, which is why the popular streamer believes Yoru’s effectiveness is limited to a few rounds.

Whether Yoru becomes a part of Valorant’s agent meta or not remains to be seen.

The rework will go live in Valorant Episode 4 Act II which is set to start on March 1, 2022.

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