European esports organization Team Liquid has secured its spot in the upcoming European First Strike main event, after the team defeated Prodigy 2-0 during their final qualifier match.

Team Liquid took a commanding 8-4 lead at halftime during the first game, but Prodigy started mounting a comeback, once they took over as the defenders on Ascent. 

With the score tied 11-11, Team Liquid were primed to take matchpoint, after securing the plant spike with a one-man advantage. However, after a swift site-retake from Prodigy, it was all up to Travis “L1NK” Mendoza who eliminated all three defender players by himself. L1NK’s ridiculous 4-kill round would propel Team Liquid to win Game 1 with a 13-11 final round score.

Team Liquid then capitalized on a completely deflated Prodigy squad, by dominating the following game on Split with a 13-5 win. Liquid’s superstar player, Adil “ScreaM” Benrlitom has also taken over the Jett agent role. All throughout the tournament, we’ve seen the Belgium headshot machine fit in quite well as the team’s playmaker.

ScreaM was the team MVP for Liquid in both matches against Prodigy, with a 321 average combat score and 48/29/7 KDA record in both games.

Team Liquid will also be joined by G2 Esports, FunPlus Phoenix, and SUMN FC, as the first four finalists in Riot’s European First Strike main event set to take place on December 3.

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