A list of the most popular Valorant agents Radiant players select is something to learn a lot from, and that’s why we’re sharing it.

When you consider what agents are utilized most frequently in the highest level of ranked play Valorant has to offer, you may find yourself learning a bit more about the ins and outs of the game.

A Reddit user by the name of Colt_7 compiled the list of the most popular Valorant agents based on rank as of January 2023. You can give it a look if you’d like to find out what the folks in Silver 3 are rocking. In this article, however, we’ll be discussing Radiant.

Two duelists are among the most popular Valorant agents in Radiant

Reyna rounds out the top 3 most popular Valorant agents in Radiant
Credit: Riot Games

3. Reyna

There had to be a flash character in the top three, right?

Reyna is the second duelist in the top three and it should come as no surprise. Forcing people to pull their crosshairs off target to shoot her Leer or be blinded gives Reyna the ability to breach sites and take advantageous battles.

Similar to Jett, Reyna can also disengage if she’s managed to grab a kill thanks to Dismiss or recharge her wealth with Devour if safe to do so.

A character that gets to influence her fights, blind her opponents, disengage, and heal is hard to bet against and that’s why Reyna makes the top three most popular Valorant agents in Radiant.

Killjoy ranks near the top of the most popular Valorant agents
Credit: Riot Games

2. Killjoy

On the flip side of Jett, Killjoy comes in at number two on the list.

Rather than being a super flashy and aggressive character, Killjoy serves the role of sentinel and she does it well. Able to fend off spots on the map with her zone control abilities such as Nanoswarm or Turret, she also gains plenty of information with the latter and her Alarmbot.

Adding in her ultimate, Lockdown, you have a complete denial of a large portion of the map perfect for denying a plant of the spike or retake so long as the enemy can’t destroy it.

Played well, Killjoy is a force on the map and therefore it’s no surprise the best players gravitate toward her and put her second to only Jett in terms of the most popular Valorant agents players utilize in Radiant.

The most popular Valorant agent in Radiant is Jett
Credit: Riot Games

1. Jett

It should come as no surprise that the list kicks off with Jett at the number one spot.

The ability to dash with Tailwind and smoke via Cloudburst makes Jett a very unique character in the world of Valorant and one that has seen a high amount of air time in both the ranked and professional scene.

Able to reach positions many other agents can’t thanks to Updraft, Jett is able to always find an opportunity to catch an enemy player off guard and retreat to safety.

The ability to do harm and take little to none is going to be vital when facing off with the best and is exactly why Jett tops the list of most popular Valorant agents in Radiant.

So if you’re maining any of those, you’re doing great and could slot into a Radiant composition. Enjoying a different character? That’s okay too! Not playing the most popular Valorant agents doesn’t mean you can’t be a top player.

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