Updated on March 4, 10:50 a.m. (GMT+8): Added teams.

The Masters Madrid teams teams are set. 

After intense matches in all four of the VCT’s regional leagues, the top Valorant teams around the world are gathering for Masters Madrid.

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The best Valorant League teams from Pacific, Americas, EMEA, and China compete in Riot Games’ first international Valorant LAN for the VCT 2024 season from March 14 to 24. 

The VCT Kickoff stage was fierce, with only eight teams securing spots for the tournament in Spain, comprising the top two teams from each of the four regions.

Here is the list of all the Masters Madrid teams.

Complete list of Masters Madrid teams

VCT Masters Madrid 2024
Credit: Riot Games
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The first team to qualify for the Masters Madrid is Pacific League powerhouse Paper Rex. 

The Singaporean-based team did a speed run in the Pacific League Kickoff tournament. As the runner-up at Valorant Champions 2023, PRX only needed to win one group stage match to advance to the playoffs, which they secured by defeating Gen.G 2-1.

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They swiftly defeated T1 2-0 in the semifinals of the playoffs, securing their spot in Spain.

Gen.G Esports secured their spot as the second team to qualify for Pacific Kickoff. Despite a 2-1 loss to PRX, the Korean squad advanced to the Play-In stage with two 2-1 group stage wins over Rex Regum Qeon. They went on to win the Play-In, defeating Team Secret 2-1 and Zeta Division 2-0.

In the semifinals, Gen.G eliminated Pacific League powerhouse DRX with a 2-0 victory, earning their spot at Masters Madrid.

Paper RexPacific1st in VCT Pacific Kickoff
Gen.GPacific2nd in VCT Pacific Kickoff
SentinelsAmericas1st in VCT Americas Kickoff
LOUDAmericas2nd in VCT Americas Kickoff
Karmine CorpEMEA1st in VCT EMEA Kickoff
Team HereticsEMEA2nd in VCT EMEA Kickoff
Edward GamingChina1st in VCT China Kickoff
FunPlus PhoenixChina2nd in VCT China Kickoff

Teams at Masters Madrid are competing for championship points, reintroduced by Riot Games for the VCT 2024 season. These points determine which teams qualify for Valorant Champions 2024.

Each match victory in Spain brings them closer to the Valorant World Championship this year.

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