It shouldn’t be too much of a surprise after his performance last week, but Jimmy “Marved” Nguyen is officially a starter for Sentinels Valorant.

Marved will be playing out the remainder of the VCT Americas split according to an update from the team’s head coach, Adam “kaplan” Kaplan.

Sentinels are looking to turn their season around with new roster

Sentinels Marved in VCT Americas super week
Credit: Riot Games

It was revealed that Tyson “TenZ” Ngo would be the player making room for Marved in the starting lineup.

“After the past weekend’s results, as well as a good talk with TenZ, we’ve made the decision to start Marved for the rest of the league split,” kaplan said in the announcement video.

In terms of their new starter, he added that “he’s looking sharp as ever, so we’re confident we can pick up right where we left off.”

He cited the season being incredibly short and punishing as the reason that decisions needed to be made in the best interest of the team right now.

The 21-year-old stepped away last week due to several reasons, including the need to recover from COVID-19 and a left index finger injury following Sentinels’ defeat to Leviatán. In addition, his fiance was recently diagnosed with cancer, and there’s no doubt that also weighs on him.

It seems this has now turned into a longer-term move.

Despite the decision to move the ex-OpTic star into the starting roster, kaplan stated that TenZ is “not going anywhere.” Whether or not that means they’ll be trying to work him back into the roster is yet to be known.

The boys in red will be taking on a fiery-looking Cloud9 this weekend, and should they topple their blue counterparts, it would be a significant turnaround of their season thus far.

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