North American esports organization Team Envy shared a unique Yoru setup play on Bind by their Valorant star duelist, Jaccob “Yay” Whiteaker (also known as El Diablo).

In the tweet, Yay showed off an incredible defender side setup on Bind, making perfect use of Yoru’s Gatecrash and Blindside abilities to eliminate enemy agents.

While Yoru remains one of the least picked duelists in both pro, ranked, and unrated games, players can still gain the upper hand against their opponents with well-thought-out setups like Yay’s teleport play on Bind.

Yay’s Yoru teleporter setup on Bind

1. Place the Gatecrash ability at the A-site and run to the B-site.

Yoru defensive side setup on Bind by Team Envy's Yay
Credit: Riot Games

Around the 18-second mark of the buy phase, use the left-click to cast Yoru’s Gatecrash ability from the back of A-site to A-bath. The rift tether should make its way to A-bath right by the neutral ultimate orb.

After casting Gatecrash, run all the way to the B-teleporter and wait for the round to start.

2. Throw the Blindside ability as you enter the B-teleporter.

Yoru defensive side setup on Bind by Team Envy's Yay
Credit: Riot Games

Once the round has started, throw Yoru’s Blindside flash into the teleporter by bouncing it on the floor. Remember to stand close to the teleporter to make sure the Blindside ability travels through the doorway and flashes the opponents outside A-exit.

3. Shoot the enemy attacker agents peeking into A-bath.

Run into the B-teleporter right behind the Blindside flash and shoot the enemy agents peeking into A-bath.

4. Activate the Gatecrash ability and shoot at the remaining agents outside of A-exit.

If there are more enemy agents outside of A-exit, activate Yoru’s Gatecrash ability to teleport into A-bath. With the enemy agents still aiming at A-exit, Yoru should be able to get follow-up kills after he uses his teleport.

Yay’s teleporter play is designed to catch enemy attacker agents off-guard since there aren’t that many aggressive defender setups with the B-teleporter on Bind.

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