Riot Games launches all new creature-themed designs with the release of the Episode 6 Act 3 Battle Pass.

According to Valorant Producer Mingi Zou, they want players to tap into their “unique inner beasts” within themselves.

The latest BP is primarily focused on the Moondash and Monstrocity skinlines. Nonetheless, what’s particularly noteworthy about the final Battle Pass of Episode 6 are the amusing meme-themed sprays that will pique your interest.

Among the 10 gun buddies, 13 player cards, 15 sprays, and 13 weapon skins included in the new battle pass, we couldn’t help but notice these five standouts.

Top 5 collectibles from the Valorant Episode 6 Act 3 Battle Pass

5. Monstrocity — Godzilla

Episode 6 Act 3 Battle Pass Monstrocity skins
Credit: Riot Games, ONE Esports

If you’re a fan of the iconic Godzilla franchise, then the Monstrocity skinline is a must-have for you. This skinline draws obvious inspiration from the king of all monsters, showcasing weapons adorned with decals depicting a prehistoric reptilian beast rampaging through a cityscape.

Some of the skin variations even depict Godzilla unleashing his iconic atomic heat beam, a move that I’m sure many of us would love to use against our opponents in Valorant.

The Monstrocity skins are available for the Ares, Sheriff, Spectre, and Vandal.

4. New agent or map teases in player cards?

Episode 6 Act 3 Battle Pass player cards
Credit: Riot Games, ONE Esports

Riot Games has a penchant for incorporating Easter Eggs into their battle pass releases, teasing fans with hints about forthcoming agents and maps.

It’s possible that they have provided us with two significant hints in these new player cards. The Death Trap card displays the outline of a figure engulfed in a whirlwind, suggesting the possibility of yet another agent with wind-based abilities.

The player card for “The Edge of Everything” features a captivating image of a barren wasteland, complete with a teleporter at its center. Interestingly, the background of the card appears to be a nod to a scene from the KAY/O agent reveal trailer, where Reyna took control of an alternate Valorant universe.

The “Best Served Cold” player card also caught our attention as it provides insight into the cliffhanger ending in the Warm Up cinematic. The player card features Max Bot in a broken and shelved state, implying that Cypher had emerged victorious in their one-on-one battle at the end of the trailer.

3. Moondash

Episode 6 Act 3 Battle Pass Moondash skins
Credit: Riot Games, ONE Esports

One of the most popular creatures in Asian mythology, the fox spirit or nine-tailed fox, inspired the Moondash skinline. 

As previously mentioned, the central theme of the BP explores the concept of duality, “ranging from chaotic and frightening to bright and cute,” explained Zou.

What’s especially interesting about the nine-tailed fox is that it’s also often depicted as a shapeshifter, able to take on multiple forms and generally toe the line between good and evil. 

Suffice it to say, whether or not you’re a fan of the lore, this captivating skinline features a cool-toned, chalky aesthetic with variants available for the Frenzy, Stinger, Marshal, and Guardian. Study the skins closely, and you’ll notice an other-worldly fox changing from pup to adult, dashing across a moonlit path.

2. Bound

Episode 6 Act 3 Battle Pass Bound skins
Credit: Riot Games. ONE Esports

The Bound bundle stands out as a superior addition to the current roster of battle pass skins. The cloth-like skin wrap bears a striking resemblance to the Oni collection, which happens to be among the most popular bundles in Valroant.

The Bound melee weapon features a striking mace-like design that is truly distinctive. While it may not boast flashy visual or auditory effects, its remarkable appearance is sure to capture your attention.

The Bound skins are available for the Judge, Classic, Phantom, Bulldog, and melee.

1. Valorant Episode 6 Act 3 Battle Pass meme sprays 

Episode 6 Act 3 Battle Pass sprays
Credit: Riot Games, ONE Esports

Without a doubt, the most outstanding collectibles available in Episode 6 Act 3 Battle Pass are the meme skins, particularly the “Am I Clear,” “Omen Remembers,” and “Peace Out” sprays.

The “Am I Clear” spray is based on the Pepe Silvia meme from the hit television show, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. The scene showed Charlie Day’s character making a nonsensical rant that people meme when they refer to conspiracy theories.

The Omen Remembers spray is a clear reference to the sad Wolverine meme from the X-Men animated television show. The meme serves as a reminder of things we yearn for, and in this case, it seems that Omen longs for the beach. The spray has an image of a palm tree, which is a clear reference to Breeze, a map that was removed in patch 6.0.

The Peace Out spray draws inspiration from the popular meme with the same name. It alludes to Valorant players who may have lost it in-game, abandoning strategic thinking altogether.

It is worth noting the Whack-A-Squirrel gif spray, as well as the Nothing to See Here Killjoy post-plant molly spray, which are simply cute.

The Valorant Episode 6 Act 3 Battle Pass will drop on April 25, costing 1,000 VP.

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