Riot Games just teased an image of what Valorant’s new map looks like.

The teased image was first seen at the very start of Riot Games’ Year One Anthem video, and includes cryptic text written in different languages.

Cryptic messages on Riot Games’ teaser image for Valorant’s new map explained

Credit: Riot Games

Valorant’s new map will be set on a floating island with a huge, glowing object emitting waves towards the sky. Some fans have already speculated that it is a meteor that crash-landed on the island.

The German text on top of the map (entzweite weiten) translates to “divided expanses.”

The Spanish text at the bottom (futuros revelados) translates to “futures revealed.”

The Chinese text seen on the top right of the graphic (王国) translates to “kingdom,” followed by (瓦解) that means “disintegrate.”

A dead giveaway which confirms the teaser image as the Valorant new map is seen on the upper right that shows the letter B, which indicates the B spike site.

The cryptic text coincide with what Riot Games has shown us in the last Duality lore cinematic. At the start of the trailer, it shows multiple breaking news reports in different countries.

Mentions of the Kingdom corporation and its Radinaite power program that generates most of the energy in the Valorant universe could also have ties to the huge object at the center of the map.

Episode 3 Act 1 Battle Pass, Valorant
Credit: Riot Games

The teaser did not indicate when the new map would be released. Episode 3 Act I will be ending on September 7. Fans can expect more details and information to come by then. 

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