Popular Valorant streamer Will “Grim” Schreiner demonstrated how to do a boost play on Bind, and how it can be done with any agent, for no abilities were used in the process.

Grim is best known for his creative Sage wall (Barrier Orb) boost plays that players least expect. He has earned himself over 584K subscribers on YouTube and 306K followers on Twitch by doing these Sage wall plays that many other players often try to replicate.

What is a boost play in Valorant?

Credit: Grim
Screenshot by Nigel Zalamea/ONE Esports

A boost play is when a player jumps over a crouched teammate to lift themselves to a higher vantage point, instead of using agent abilities like Jett’s Updraft, Raze’s Blast Pack, Omen’s Shrouded Step, or Chamber’s Rendezvous.

Grim is known to use the Sage wall to boost himself to an even higher vantage point to catch his opponents off-guard since most players wouldn’t think to clear such high locations.

How to do Grim’s boost play on Bind

Credit: Grim
Screenshot by Nigel Zalamea/ONE Esports

As the defenders at the start of the round on Bind, Grim positions himself at the A-site. He asked a teammate to slowly crouch-walk towards him. Right when his teammate got close enough, he simultaneously jumped and crouched to boost himself above the truck.

Players could previously boost just by jumping on top of their stationary teammates, but Riot Games removed that ability by disallowing players from staying on top of their teammates even for a brief moment. 

Grim’s boost play works because the teammate crouch-walking towards him is effectively pushing him on top of the truck. This bypasses the fact that the game does not allow players to stand on top of each other.

Once on top of the truck, the T1 streamer jumped onto the ledge in front of A-Site’s U-hall and used a Sage wall boost play to shoot attackers making their way to A-short.

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