Updated on April 30, 12:46 p.m. (GMT+8): Added new Tekken 8 DLC character Lidia Sobieska.

With its compelling characters, intense battles, and gripping narratives, Tekken has become an iconic fighting game franchise that gamers around the world have learned to love.

As the excitement builds for the upcoming release of Tekken 8, fans are eager as this highly-anticipated title promises to redefine the fighting game genre.

Tekken 8 confirmed characters

Tekken 8 Leroy
Credit: Bandai Namco

The upcoming fighting game title is the eighth main and tenth overall installment in the Tekken series.

The heart of Tekken has always been its diverse roster of characters, each possessing unique personalities and fighting techniques.

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It introduces players to an array of returning fighters, complete with stunning visuals and detailed backstories.

The game is set to offer an expanded roster, including classic fan favorites and never-before-seen characters.

Here’s the list of all the confirmed characters so far.

  • Kazuya Mishima
  • Jin Kazama
  • Jun Kazama
  • Paul Phoenix
  • Marshall Law
  • King
  • Lars Alexandersson
  • Ling Xiaoyu
  • Jack-8
  • Nina Williams
  • Asuka Kazama
  • Leroy Smith
  • Hwoarang
  • Lili
  • Bryan Fury
  • Claudio Serafino
  • Azucena
  • Raven
  • Leo Kliesen
  • Steve Fox
  • Kuma
  • Yoshimitsu
  • Shaheen
  • Dragunov
  • Feng Wei
  • Panda
  • Devil Jin
  • Zafina
  • Alisa Bosconovitch
  • Lee Chaolan
  • Victor Chevalier
  • Reina
  • Eddy Gordo
  • Lidia Sobieska

Tekken 8 gameplay

Tekken 8 characters Bryan vs Paul
Screenshot by Ron Muyot/ONE Esports

While staying true to its core essence, the game introduces innovative gameplay mechanics to keep the combat fresh and exciting. The game teases advanced move sets, interactive environments, and enhanced combo systems, allowing players to discover new ways to outsmart their opponents.

The game introduces the Heat System, a mechanic that, once activated, gives the player an opportunity to dictate the rhythm of the match. It gives an advantage to the attacker, and is based on the game’s concept of being “Aggressive”.

Tekken 8 platforms

Tekken 8 opening screen
Screenshot by Ron Muyot/ONE Esports

The game is set to be released for PlayStation 5, Microsoft Windows (Steam), and Xbox Series X and Series S. Unfortunately, the game isn’t coming to Xbox One or PS4.

Tekken 8 release date

Tekken 8 CNT featured image
Credit: Bandai Namco

Bandai Namco has announced that their latest fighting game title is set to be released on January 26, 2024.

Earlier this year, the devs have decided to give players a chance to experience the title early through the Closed Alpha Test during some of the major events of the Tekken World Tour.

The Closed Network Test, which is taking place this month, is also available for those who registered on all platforms.

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