As the Tekken Online Challenge circuit is nearing its end, the European community brought out some undiscovered Tekken gods from the Southwest region.

The EU Southwest grand final featured an intense match between two Italian pros, Mitrust Storm and Deathadder. Even though Deathadder stuck to his dominating Lili, Mitrust pulled out his pocket character of Zafina and conquered the series from the loser’s bracket.

From the get-go, Mitrust dominated game one with a flurry of pokes. Even with Deathadder in Rage, Mitrust managed to duck under Lili’s Rage Drive and punished his opponent with a launching combo.

Mitrust’s Zafina continued her rampage into the second game. With Deathadder getting a bit more aggressive with his pokes, Mitrust easily countered with some well-timed power-crushes and a beautiful Roundhouse Kick to claim his second game.

Even though Deathadder was able to tie things up for the final round, Mitrust was more than ready to reset the bracket.

In game three, Deathadder managed to bring the Zafina player down to Rage, but his aggression proved to be his biggest weakness. With just one evading sidestep, Mitrust immediately launched his opponent for a quick juggle and a Rage Art finish, claiming the bracket reset.

Mitrust continued his dominant run after the reset. While Deathadder was able to equalize things at 2-2 and do some near-deadly damage on the final round, the Zafina player played the neutral game with a safe Rage Drive and a far-reaching Inanna’s Fury.

By game five, Mitrust had his opponent downloaded. Even with his health already under 50%, he managed to pull off some incredible punishes and initiated a floating Cursed Claw combo that interrupted Deathadder’s Rage Drive. With a sliver of health left, Mitrust went straight in with an easy mid-string.

The final game was also a close one for both sides reaching the final round with the two merely trading punishes to gain the health advantage. While things were looking pretty equal, Mitrust finally took over with a Dumuzi’s Fate command grab and won the championship series with a confirmed okizeme attack.

With the grand final win, Mitrust becomes the champion of the Tekken Online Challenge EU Southwest and earns himself US$500. With the online format, Mitrust managed to double his earnings after defeating the region’s final boss, Ghirlanda, in a FT3.

The Tekken Online Challenge continues next week with the Philippines on November 14-15.

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