The Tekken Online Challenge continues its tournament circuit in Australia. Currently labeled as a Master-level region with 2019’s Battle Arena Melbourne 11, the online tournament featured some of the best, upcoming fighters coming straight from the outback.

The TOC Australia grand final featured DeeonGrey and Y50K, who at that point was undefeated in the tournament. However, DeeonGrey was undeterred, as he put in an insane performance, winning six games straight against Y50K.

In the first two games, DeeonGrey’s Leroy Smith went off the rails as he pummeled Y50K’s Negan with flashy parries and aggressive poking. With no contest whatsoever, the Leroy player picked up a dudu-brown, a new term coined by the Aussie casters as a double no-round brown.

With only one game away from the reset, Y50K turned to a more comfortable pick in Claudio and picked up a solid perfect round, keeping himself in the running. Unfortunately for Y50K, DeeonGrey managed to poke his way through his health bar and claimed the bracket reset with a cheeky vacuum parry.

DeeonGrey continued his domination into the bracket reset, with consecutive parries and a deadly whiff punish, as he acquired his third no-round brown in the grand final.

Y50K tried his best to get back into the final with a sneaky Gravity Zone, but Deeon came out on top with a floating Rage Drive combo.

Now on tournament point, Y50K gave Deeon a taste of his own medicine and opted for a Leroy mirror match. While Y50K did pick up a round from the Leroy specialist, DeeonGrey closed things out with a simple low-kick chip.

With the incredible run, DeeonGrey takes home US$500 and the title of Tekken Online Challenge Australia champion.

With the new online format, DeeonGrey had the chance to double his earnings with a Final Boss match against Chand NY. However, despite an extremely close match, Chand NY stood his ground in the final round with a leg-sweep to stomp combo.

The next Tekken Online Challenge will feature the US Central region on October 24-25.

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