The Tekken Online Challenge EU North featured some of Europe’s best and brightest players in the fighting game community.

While the region may be considered weaker than the likes of the USA and Korea, the grand final featured known German pro, Arja “Sephiblack” Gamoori, and a new challenger in Maciej “Why” Stegienko.

As a prominent Miguel main that destroyed the loser’s bracket, Sephiblack stuck to the Spaniard fighter in the grand final while Why showcased his meter-burning Akuma.

While the match-up was pretty equal in skill, Why came out with stronger combos in game one. After a heavy meter-burn combo, the Akuma player punished Sephiblack with a launching uppercut and claimed game one with a demon flip throw.

Down but not out, Sephiblack switched things up with an infinite stage, giving Akuma less of a chance to corner him. After another heavy meter-burn combo, Sephiblack bounced back with an epic punish on Why’s extended uppercut, giving him a no-round brown.

Now back on a walled stage with Mishima Building, the two went back and forth once more throughout the rounds. With the rounds now tied up at 2-2, Why went all-in with an instant meter-burn punish. While the two both went into the red with some trading jabs, Why took the great round with a simple d3 low kick.

Even with Why on championship point, Sephiblack tamed the demon fighter with another infinite stage pick. After a beautiful hard uppercut combo, Sephiblack kept his distance and caught Why’s jumps into a floating combo. Despite being in rage mode, Why could not penetrate Sephiblack’s defense and eventually conceded another incredible no-round brown to the German pro.

Now down to the final game to decide if there’s a bracket reset or a championship win, both players made use of spacing to catch each other in a potential whiff. Even though Sephiblack’s Miguel was doing his best to close in, Why’s Akuma easily countered his moves and ended things with an evading flip into the killing low kick.

In the final round, Sephiblack was helpless against the Akuma player. After a few low pokes and a floating combo, he basically helped Why build his meter for the perfect punish. With just one punch to hadouken combo, Why managed to take Sephiblack’s health down into the red and fill up another meter for him to use. With no time wasting, the Akuma opted for a flying hadouken that hit Sephiblack straight in the face and followed up with a winning kick-to-uppercut combo.

With the win, Why earns US$500 and the championship title of Tekken Online Challenge EU North. Along with the new online format, Why was able to face a Final Boss in famous Tekken youtuber TheMainManSWE to double his earnings.

While MainMan pulled off some incredible Kazuya combos like in his Mishima-centric videos, Why came out as the final victor with a jaw-dropping perfect round that used no meter and even ended things with a trademark hadouken.

The next Tekken Online Challenge will feature the country of Australia on October 17-18.

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