Core-A Gaming recently hosted an offline Tekken 7 invitational that featured some of South Korea’s best fighters. Officially titled the Core-A Cup, the grand final came down to unsponsored local favorite Wa! Meo-il and UYU pro, Sun-woong “LowHigh” Yoon.

The two players went for their preferred mains in the championship match, with LowHigh picking Shaheen while Meo-il stuck with Geese Howard

Game one was a definitive blow-out by Meo-il, as he easily countered Shaheen’s slides and counter-hit mix-ups with his own punishes. By the last round, Meo-il did some heavy damage with a beautiful meter-burn combo that sent both of them to the final floor of Forgotten Realm.

While LowHigh was able to launch Meo-il with a simple uppercut, the UYU player was a bit late on his finishing strike, leaving him open to a while-standing chop by Meo-il.

With no success on Shaheen, LowHigh immediately switched to the punch-machine, Steve Fox. Though Meo-il was able to land a solid meter-burn combo on LowHigh, he eventually came back with a solid CH combo and rushed in a jab-string to close out the round.

While LowHigh’s Steve was securing his CH b1, Meo-il stayed cool and kept his pokes on the safe side. With one landing after the other, he eventually went for the solid mix-up with the Fudo Kassatsu Uraken.

By game four, LowHigh was taking every opportunity he could take to implement his CH b1. Luckily for Meo-il, he was able to secure the wall-splat with a combo-ending Jaei Ken. With the wall-reset, The Geese player immediately went for another screw that led into the Deadly Rave. Though it didn’t kill LowHigh, he managed to do the same while-standing chop to bring things to a final final round.

With only one round left to win the entire tournament, Meo-il took it slow and went for sure pokes to get the life lead. Just by one misstep from LowHigh, the Geese master immediately went into meter-burn to deal a significant combo that brought LowHigh into the red. Even though he didn’t get the wall-splat to finish, Meo-il rushed in with the cross-chop and the low-high mix-up to close out the series.

With the undefeated championship run, Meo-il will go home with a portion of KR₩15M (US$13,000) as his cash-prize. This will be Meo-il’s second big championship after his amazing appearance at the Tekken Online Challenge Korea.

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