Bandai Namco has finally started its Tekken Online Challenge circuit, giving pro players a new way to compete against their region’s best talent. Last week, Western Europe took to the online stage and showcased some up-and-coming Tekken pros.

The grand final was a clash between two rising British pros in Eminor and Edddyy. Eminor played Eliza throughout the tournament, while Edddyy utilized both his main, Bob, and a pocket pick of Fahkumram.

Edddyy came out swinging in game one, looking for counter-hit plays to catch Eminor in. In the final round, Edddyy abused his running move of Zip Cutter to push Eminor’s Eliza to the wall. With just one more Zip Cutter to confirm the wall-splat, the Bob player unleashed a killer combo that earned him one game on the scoreboard.

With Edddyy’s moves and combos working around the wall-splat, Eminor did his best to keep his pressure on the speed-and-weight character. Playing with a lot more aggression, the Eliza player spammed her Bloody Claw to deal some decent damage and eventually tied things up with a meter-burn mix-up into another Bloody Claw.

Edddyy tried to stop Eminor’s momentum with an infinite stage, but it turned out to be a disadvantage for him and his Bob. With no way to close in on the Eliza player, Edddyy took in a flurry of dive kicks and Bloody Claws and eventually fell to a rolling cross-chop.

Finding no more success with Bob, Edddyy pulled out his pocket character of Fahkumram. Despite being able to tie it into the final round, the Fahkumram player fell victim to Eminor’s impressive backdashes and sidesteps.

The Eliza player’s defensive efforts finally paid off when he launched Edddyy into the air and delivered a nasty meter-burn follow-up, claiming the reset with an incredible wall-splat.

With the momentum on his side, Eminor was aiming for an early lead in the new set, forcing the Fahkumram player to commit some mistakes. After a starting meter-burn combo to take a quarter of Edddyy’s life, Eminor eventually slid his way into a game five win after he caught his opponent with a counter-hit screw.

Though he was initially behind, Edddyy opted to play at a slower pace and use Fahkumram’s long-reaching attacks to chip Eminor’s health. With an infinite stage selected, he also didn’t have to worry about getting cornered by Eliza’s divekicks and meter-burn combos.

In the final round, Edddyy played pretty safe and waited for Eminor to lose his meter advantage. Once the Eliza player whiffed his meter-burn attack, Edddyy steadily poked and equaled out the score with a counter-hit mid-kick.

With his hands finally heating up, Edddyyy went on a rampage in the seventh game, easily reading through Eminor’s exploits with the meter-burn. The Fahkumram player started incorporating more low hits to keep his opponent in check. While Eminor tried to punish one of Edddyy’s strings, he was caught in a counter-hit frame trap that ended with an unpredictable double-low by Edddyy.

While Eminor’s Eliza was still taking some rounds here and there, Fahkumram’s ability to deal immense damage is just too much for the narcoleptic vampire.

Though Eminor was able to bring the reset to another final round, Edddyy was ready to take the championship win. The Fahkumram player pulled out everything that he could throw at his opponent, including running knees and the heaviest low-kicks in his move-list.

With Edddyy baiting out attacks with his backdash, he finally pulled out Fahkumram’s counter-hit cart-wheel and secured himself a full-combo that granted him the final round of the entire tournament.

While Eminor went home in second place with US$300, Edddyy had the chance to double his cash prize of US$500 with a special match set against a mystery final boss. Interestingly enough, the mystery challenger was renowned caster and British Tekken pro, Ryan Hart.

Though Hart was able to get one game off with his reputable Kazuya, Edddyy easily dominated the final game of the series. Now pulling out the mix-ups and cheese starts, the Fakhumram player caught his fellow Brit in a counter-hit screw that led to a deadly wall combo.

With the final victory over the EU West final boss, Edddyy goes home an ultimate champion with US$1000.

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