Despite getting a sizeable nerf in Tekken 7’s 3.33 patch, Fahkumram is still a Muay Thai menace in the arena. If you keep having a hard time against this OP match-up, read on. I’ve done some research to give you the three best ways to counter Fahkumram.

For those who are unfamiliar with the character, Fahkumram is the final DLC character from Tekken 7’s Season 3. With the ever-growing competitive scene in Thailand and the 2019 Tekken World Finals taking place in Bangkok, the developers introduced the Thai native as a latest member of the Tekken 7 roster.

1. Spam your homing moves

Fahkumram’s sidestep still has momentary whiffs and his backdash is even better at evading than Zafina’s. With that, you should give yourself the offensive edge by frequently utilizing your homing moves. This kind of aggression guarantees you to close in on Fahkumram and limit his set-ups.

2. Watch his Ramasura spin

One of Fahkumram’s deadliest mix-ups is his sweeping Ramasura. With different starting motions and alternative hits, you have to be attentive to how he starts his string.

With some practice, you can read and hear whether or not he’ll commit to the hellsweep or switch it up with the mid-elbow. If he’s going for the mid-elbow, you can hear an earlier shout from Fahkumram, giving you enough time to go back to a neutral stance for the block.

For characters who have a magic-4 kick or a quick CH set-up like King’s b+1, you can easily thwart this cheesy move by getting the counter-hit after the first hit gets blocked.

3. Sidestep his charges

In walled stages, Fahkumram will frequently pressure you with his charge attacks due to their wall-splat guarantee. To counter this kind of attack, you must know that all of his charge attacks are very linear, giving you enough time and space to react to them.

If you’re playing with someone who has a quick CH launcher like King or Steve Fox, you can do the same thing as shown for the Ramasura, but if you want to play safer and go for the launch, you can easily sidestep the move and launch Fahkumram for a full combo.

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