Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is adding another videogame icon to its multi-franchise roster with the one-winged angel himself, Sephiroth.

While many fans were expecting Yakuza’s Kiryu or Kingdom Hearts’ Sora to make their debut in the fighting franchise, Sephiroth will certainly be a welcome addition to the game’s colorful cast.

In the trailer, you can see him bringing down the original boss, Master Hand, and slashing through the likes of Mario and other beloved characters.

He will be the third DLC character from the Fighters Pass Vol. II, following Min-min from Arms and Steve from Minecraft. He’s also the second character from Final Fantasy joining longtime adversary, Cloud Strife.

When looking at his gameplay, he possesses the same stylings of sword-users in the game. With his extra long Masamune katana, Sephiroth has a significant range advantage against most heroes, but it looks like his slashes will have a longer animation time. He also has the ability to hang onto walls with Masamune, giving him a quick rest and reset throughout tough matches.

For his special moves, Sephiroth has a barrier parry that will instantly punish those who attack him and an interesting projectile that sends three dark spheres to an enemy, exploding after some time. Last, but not least, Sephiroth also carries the ability to summon his dark wing, powering up some of his moves. From the looks of it, he’ll probably have a similar meter to Cloud.

While fans can expect the sword-slashing baddie very soon, SSBU director Masahiro Sakurai will be holding a more detailed showcase of the character on December 17.

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