Battle in a rebellious style as the Joker from Persona 5 finally parades the battlefield of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (SSBU).

The main protagonist of the PS4-exclusive Japanese RPG Persona 5, Joker is a quiet transfer student of Shujin Academy and battles the inner demons of ill-minded tyrants in the Tokyo underworld.

In SSBU, Joker perfectly fits the bill of being a quirky, yet relentless fighter. He was first revealed as a DLC character back at the Game Awards in December last year, and was seen dashing around with a Smash invitation letter.

Joker’s SSBU Reveal Trailer
Credit: GameXplain YouTube

On the battlefield, Joker sports a gun and a blade along with a new unique game mechanic called the “Rebellion Gauge”. This can be seen in detail in Nintendo’s full gameplay reveal video down below.

Joker’s Gameplay Showcase
Credit: Nintendo YouTube

Similar to Cloud’s Limit Break, the Rebellion Gauge builds through successful hits to and from Joker, but the gauge significantly depletes if he loses a stock.

You can build up the gauge faster by using his down special move called “Rebel Guard”, which reduces any damage done by half and converts it into a percentage of the gauge.

Once the gauge is filled, Joker can finally unmask and summon his trademark persona, Arsene, and power up all his special moves, making him the perfect character for creative comebacks.

To those who will want to play Joker on SSBU without the Fighters Pass, it will cost them US$6, and will also come with the new “Mementos” stage along with eleven bopping music tracks from Persona 3, 4, and 5.