The Dan infinite combo is one of the most difficult moves to master in Street Fighter V: Champion Edition.

Requiring perfect frame execution, it is mostly done in training mode or online ranked matches by high-level players.

It was therefore amazing to see Taiwanese SFV: CE pro Arubi “RB” Kao pull off this extremely difficult move for the first time in an official Capcom Pro Tour match.

During the Losers Round 1 elimination match, RB used the Dan infinite combo against tournament favorite Li-Wei “Oil King” Lin to win the first game in the best-of-five set.

What is the Dan infinite combo?

When Dan Hibiki was released by Capcom last February as a DLC character for Season V, fans saw him as a low-tier character.

That all changed when SFV: CE combo expert Desk released a video that showed Dan performing an infinite loop combo a few days after the character dropped.

This caused Dan to jump in popularity with even top pro players, like Justin Wong and Victor “Punk” Woodley.

How to do the Dan infinite combo

The Dan infinite combo requires pixel-perfect execution, while your opponent is stuck in the corner.


C. HP (Crouching Heavy Punch) > (QCF.LP) Light Fireball, C. HP > QCF.LP > S.HP (Standing Heavy Punch) > V-Skill II > C.HP > QCF.LP (repeat)

Remember, you must be +11 frames before you start the first input, and you’re going to want to use V-Skill II to lessen the chances of input mistakes. The Dan infinite combo works against all characters, including those that have large and small character models.

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