To celebrate 10 million followers on their Instagram page, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is giving away free Epic skins to lucky players in the Land of Dawn.

Players can pick the skin they want, provided it’s not a Limited or Collector skin. That means the skin you’ve always dreamed about for your favorite hero is now within reach, whether it’s an Epic, Special, or even an Elite skin.

How to participate in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Indonesia’s giveaway to win a free Epic skin

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Indonesia free Epic skin giveaway

Participating in the event is quite easy. First, you’ll need to like and share the official giveaway post.

After sharing the post in your feed, mention three of your friends in the comments section, along with your UID and two skins on your wish list. It’s that easy.

Don’t forget to follow the page first before doing the mechanics, or your entry won’t be logged.

Moonton hasn’t specified the deadline for the giveaway, so now is still a good time to submit your entries and be one of the lucky few to receive any Epic skin of your choice.

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