Bren Esports has finally recorded its first win of the season, picking up the W against powerhouse Execration, all thanks to the valiant efforts of FlapTzy and KarlTzy.

Bren Esports has had a slow start to the season, losing their first three matches in surprising fashion. However, the M2 world champions remained composed and proved they still have the championship blood after defeating Execration on the final day of Week 2.

KarlTzy dominated game two with Brody, securing a stellar 9/0/4 record. Then it was FlapTzy who made his mark in the third game with a 7/0/8 Khaleed game.

“Last night after our loss against Aura PH, we had a long discussion about mindset and discipline,” Bren Esports head coach Duckey said in a post-game press conference.

“Luckily our sense of motivation is coming back,” he added.

After losing the first game against a Diggie feed strategy by Execration, Bren Esports bounced back with a Brody-centric lineup. KarlTzy was able to secure an early advantage with consecutive triple kills in the two-minute and five-minute mark.

The match ended in just 11 minutes with a 15-3 record. Bren Esports dictated the tempo of the match the whole time.

In the final game, FlapTzy was able to get a few kills in the early game thanks to the initiation of Ribo’s Bane and Pheww’s Pharsa. A double kill in the seven-minute mark was all FlapTzy needed to widen his lead against Execration.

Bren went all-in at 11 minutes after getting the Lord, pushing the mid lane and eventually reverse sweeping the Z4pnu-led squad, 2-1.

With the win, Bren Esports is now third in Group A while Execration sits comfortable at third in Group B.

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