As MPL ID fans wait for the competition to start back up again, there have been reports saying that the MPL ID S6 Playoffs will be held offline.

While it mainly began with rumors, there were already signals about the playoffs being held offline. With the regular season being held online, many technical problems had occurred such as a connection and network issues amongst the teams.

Two matches in the regular season that were significantly hindered by the online format were EVOS Legends vs. Onic Esports and EVOS vs. Alter Ego.

Despite rumors and leaks about the event’s potential venue, there was still no official announcement from Moonton, but luckily MPL caster Clara Mongstar was able to clarify things in a YouTube video.

“MPL ID Season 6 will be held offline but without spectators. There are also many rumors that it will be held in Bali. No, it won’t be held in Bali,” reported Clara.

This explains why players from all playoff teams took the rapid test simultaneously earlier this week. The competition will certainly be more intense with teams being able to see their opponents and play without any lag or connection issues.

Though Clara did not disclose where the playoffs would take place, rumors had circulated that the event will be held at the Hotel Ayana Mid Plaza.

The MPL ID S6 Playoffs will begin on October 16.

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