MPL ID Season 6 has just ended its regular season and will have six teams advance to fight in the playoffs on October 16-18.

For the first time in history, Alter Ego ends the regular season as the league leaders. With an incredible record of 11-3, the team earns a spot in the upper bracket of the playoffs.

Meanwhile, reigning champions, RRQ Hoshi recovered from a mid-season slump to finish in second place. After a four-game losing streak in the middle of the season, the team turned things around with the return of megastar, Xinnn.

Onic Esports, Bigetron Alpha, EVOS Legends, and Genflix Aerowolf all slide into the playoffs with a few ups and downs throughout the season. Though their performances were not as consistent as the top two teams, the four teams can definitely provide some intense match-ups in the playoffs.

With the final S6 standings, we now know what the playoff bracket will look like. Following the tradition of previous seasons, the top two teams will automatically get a by in the upper bracket. 

AE will wait for the opponent of the winner between the fourth rank (Bigetron Alpha) and the fifth rank (Genflix Aerowolf). Meanwhile, RRQ Hoshi will fight the victor of Onic Esports vs EVOS Legends (3rd vs 6th).

Though two teams will face a loss in the first round of matches, they will have a second chance in the lower bracket, facing off against the second-round losers.

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