To celebrate Mobile Legends: Bang Bang‘s anniversary since its release, Moonton Games is giving away a free skin of one of the game’s OG tanks.

Moonton unveiled the 7th Anniversary exclusive skin Starblazer Johnson. This is his seventh skin after Fire Chief, S.A.B.E.R. Automata, Jeepney Racer, Wreck King, Death Ride, and Optimus Prime.

In this, Johnson’s robotic armor undergoes a significant enhancement, rendering him a more formidable presence on the battlefield.

From his character model to the dazzling skill effects, every aspect has been meticulously reimagined, elevating his appearance and performance to a level akin to that of an Epic skin.

Mobile Legends 7th anniversary skin Starblazer Johnson character model and skills preview

7th anniversary Starblazer Johnson skin character model
Screenshot by Jules Elona/ONE Esports

Johnson’s new outfit looks like a Transformer with dazzling gold and white armor that exudes majesty.

Inside his armor, there’s a bright teal energy infusion, and his axe and shield have received significant upgrades. The blade of his axe now shines, and his shield is now more massive than ever.

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All of Johnson’s abilities now feature vibrant purple hues, creating a stunning visual impact in the game. His ultimate, Full Throttle, is the highlight, as he transforms into a compact armored car with a striking purple nitro on the rear fender

7th anniversary To the Stars event rewards
Screenshot by Jules Elona/ONE Esports

To get this free skin, you’ll need to collect anniversary coins between October 9 and 22 and exchange them for the skin during the To the Stars event.

You can earn these coins by accomplishing various tasks like playing with friends, sharing the event page on your social media profiles, or participating in other anniversary-related activities.

In addition to the skin, you can also snag other rewards like an exclusive kill notification and a hero selection chest.

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