Moonton Games has revealed the Starlight skin for the month of September, Star Enforcer Alpha.

This marks the sixth skin release for the fighter hero and notably, his first Starlight skin.

The design of this skin intricately merges elements from history and science fiction, creating an ensemble reminiscent of a king’s guard attire from the future.

Star Enforcer Alpha character model and skills preview

Character model of the Starlight skin for September 2023, Star Enforcer Alpha
Screenshot by Jules Elona/ONE Esports

In this skin, Alpha dons an elegant gray and white coat reminiscent of traditional European formal wear.

The ensemble is enhanced by gleaming silver vambraces on both arms, accompanied by a pauldron with an elevated spike on top.

A luminous helmet completes the formidable look, concealing his eyes beneath a lengthy white plume that gracefully extends down his chest.

Lastly, his lance possesses a harmonious blend of classic aesthetics and futuristic elements, its blade radiating a captivating shimmer as it revolves.

The painted skin of September 2023 Starlight skin Star Enforcer Alpha in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
Screenshot by Jules Elona/ONE Esports

Every one of his abilities now produces a trail of gray glitches as he executes them.

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In addition to the various other Starlight rewards, the skin will also offer an alternative painted appearance that is equally as stunning as the default design.

Star Enforcer Alpha will be released on September 1 in the Starlight tab.

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