One of the strongest assassins in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is getting a fantastic new skin.

Shura Hayabusa, an exclusive Double 11 event skin, will soon arrive and wreak havoc in the Land of Dawn.

Preview of the new Double 11 event skin, Shura Hayabusa

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang skin, Shura Hayabusa
Credit: Moonton

The skin was revealed on Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s YouTube page, showing off the Crimson Shadow in a darker, more twisted form.

In this skin, he can be seen wearing dark overalls with translucent plates on his arms and legs. His body is also covered with ominous tattoos.

What makes this skin more menacing is Hayabusa’s glowing red eyes, highlighting his villainous appearance.

Shura Hayabusa’s skill effects

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Shura Hayabusa character model
Screenshot by Jules Elona/ONE Esports

As an exclusive Double 11 event skin, Shura Hayabusa will have a ton of changes to his skill effects, especially his ultimate, Ougi: Shadow Kill.

He now throws numerous glowing shurikens when Ninjutsu: Phantom Shuriken is used. As for Ninjutsu: Quad Shadow, he leaves a blue glitch trail behind him, and summons purple shadows.

If you’re a fan of the Naruto anime series, Hayabusa’s ultimate, Ougi: Shadow Kill, will convince you to get this skin. Before blending into the shadow, a gigantic avatar of him appears and strikes the chosen enemy with brute force, and resembles Sasuke’s Senjutsu Susanoo.

This is the most badass Hayabusa skin by far.

The Double 11 sale event will start on November 8.

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