Mobile Legends: Bang Bang introduces a new Epic skin with X.Borg’s Tesla Maniac. Are you ready to recharge?

X.Borg’s new Tesla Maniac skin upgrades his hot Firaga Armor to a cooler, electric-blue color scheme. The cyborg switches out his old rounded Firaga Armor for steel shoulder pads that look like they could bite through the enemy squad.

Now looking more machine than man, X.Borg has a new digital display on his torso and tesla coils on his back. His head is also a monochromatic hologram but it still shows off the character’s cheeky grin.

Ditching the original orange flames, his claw-like flamethrower now spits out an iridescent fire that burns enemies with an electric touch. As for his right-hand gauntlet, it now launches actual tesla coils to reel in enemies during Fire Stake.

Last thing to note about this epic skin is its effect on X.Borg’s Last Insanity. Instead of the usual circular explosion, Tesla Maniac sprays his colorful flames in his radius and lets out an electrifying energy shield. Once it explodes, X.Borg will flash his logo as a cherry on top of all the mayhem.

X.Borg’s Tesla Maniac Epic skin will be available soon in the MLBB in-game shop.

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