Go all out this Halloween in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang with Jack-o’-lantern Leomord! Who says the undead cannot get more undeadlier?

Instead of long hair and dashing looks, Leomord’s head is completely replaced with a pumpkin, complete with flaming orange eyes and an intense glow all round. In-game, you’ll also notice the same craved face on the back of his cloak.

Screenshot by Amanda Tan/ONE Esports

His armor, lance and horse have been recolored for the season, with added elaborate details that really sharpen his haunted look. Skills wise, instead of blue, they’re outlined with an orange glow.

You’ll feel especially powerful when you call for Barbiel when his ultimate, Phantom Steed, is activated. Make way for a blazing, badass horse right out of Mordor!

Are you ready to saddle up with Jack-o’-lantern Leomord?

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