After three weeks of competition featuring the best MLBB teams from Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar, and Indonesia, the MPL Invitational has concluded with an epic grand final match between ID superteam RRQ and Singapore’s Resurgence.

While RSG played well, in the end, they were no match for RRQ who dominated the series with a 3-0 sweep.

Game one

RRQ came out swinging with big combos in the first game. Despite having a few scrappy kills to garner a small lead, the ID team pulled off a clinical play in the fourth minute.

After RSG grouped together to rush the bot lane tower, RRQ came in with a punishing wombo-combo of Fatal Links and Tempest of Blades, granting double-kills to both R7 and Xin.

With RRQ maintaining this punishing gameplay, a low-life R7 baited Kayzeepi and Sync in the top lane to feel the wrath of Xin’s Tempest of Blades once more. Working off a brief 3v5 advantage, RRQ flanked the remaining defenders through the open mid lane and secured the wipeout to finish game one.

Game two

RRQ stuck to their wombo-combos, pulling off deadly clashes on the battlefield. Though RSG was doing their best to thwart RRQ’s rush-in playstyle with map objectives, Vyn and the boys easily locked RSG to their lanes by hunting them down in the jungle.

By the 8-minute mark, a clash ensued in the mid lane to decide the game’s fate. Despite having their main carry of Xin out early in the clash, RRQ pinned down the SG team with an AoE damage frontline of Uranus and R7. As Vyn popped shots from the backline, RRQ burned through their health bars to earn the near-wipeout.

While Lord and some minion waves pushed the lanes, everyone in RRQ immediately went into the base to execute some RSG members. Even with Sync and Ly4 coming in with a team-wide Ejector combo, the two fell victim to the overpowering crossfire, giving RRQ another wipeout win.

Game three

With their backs against the wall, Resurgence entered the third game with a riskier kill-hungry attitude. RRQ may have had the gold lead, but RSG continued to secure some impressive trades with the ID powerhouse. In one jungle punish, Kayzeepi initiated Fatal Links on an RRQ trio while Jason shot them down with his flaming arrows.

Despite having more kills in the third game, RSG’s pushing ability started to wane with RRQ always attacking for the team advantage. To start the final clash, LJ leaped straight into RSG and stunned them on the side of the inhibitor while the rest of RRQ dove in to deal some damage. With only Kayzeepi left alive, RRW surrounded the base inhibitor to complete the championship sweep.

As the newly crowned inter-region champions, RRQ brings home a cash prize of US$35,000 for their efforts.

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