The MPL Invitational Playoffs concluded its second day of matches with Burmese Ghouls pulling off redemptive back-to-back wins in the lower bracket. The undefeated RRQ Hoshi also reserved a spot in the grand finals with a decisive sweep against Resurgence.

RRQ Hoshi 2 – 0 Resurgence

Despite being the kings of MPL ID, RRQ Hoshi had a rough start to the series. Resurgence maximized their offense by crowding the mid lane and harassing RRQ captain Vyn.

RRQ turned the tables on their opponents with a Lord ambush. Xin rushed in with a Falling Starmoon and killed Jason, but RSG’s Ly4 evened it out by crushing Lemon under his Tempest of Blades. As the battle continued, Xin perfectly tanked the damage while R7 and Vyn provided a flaming backline that ended the clash with a wipeout and a game-winning Lord capture.

Though RSG started game two with a handful of kills, RRQ slowly overtook them by prioritizing taking the gold lead through map objectives. By the 7-minute mark, RRQ was able to rack up kills and have a 4K gold lead that helped snowball both Lemon and R7 into the late game.

With 18 kills against RSG’s 10 at that point, the ID team grabbed Lord and did a final push on all sides. While RSG focused on penetrating RRQ’s backline, LJ and R7 raced past the defending heroes to deal the final blows and claim another sweep in the playoffs.

Burmese Ghouls 2 – 0 Geek Fam

The Burmese Ghouls had a gauntlet of matches against some of the region’s best teams.

In their first match, the Ghouls faced off against Geek Fam MY/SG and ultimately won by maintaining a gold lead in both matches.

Despite having a 10-kill deficit and only one tower left in game one, the Ghouls engaged in a 4v5 right outside of GEEK’s base while Rubydd rushed in and pummeled the base inhibitor for the victory.

With Ace stepping up with his stone-cold Hayabusa, BG secured the lead with kills and tower breakdowns. While GEEK was doing its best to split push, Rubydd initiated a team clash with an incredible two-man knock-up with Gatotkaca’s Avatar of Guardian. After the clash, the Ghouls stormed into the base, claiming another kill on Artz for the wipeout and taking down the base inhibitor for the series win.

Burmese Ghouls 2 – 0 Evos Legends

After falling to the loser’s bracket with a loss to RRQ Hoshi in the previous day, Evos Legends survived another playoff series, beating Onic Esports with a 2-1 result. They next had to face a Burmese Ghouls squad riding momentum from their previous win.

With their next opponents being EVOS Legends, the Ghouls rallied behind their all-star carry, Ace, to shred through Rekt and his squad. By using Bruno in the final match, Ace acted as the primary backline with his Volley Shots and closed in with a stunning Flying Tackle in quick scrimmages.

With Ace claiming an easy mega-kill on Zeys, the Ghouls razed down the final top tower and aimed their sights on the base inhibitor. Rubydd and Dee zoned out the defending team, while Ace and Kid went straight for the base inhibitor, grabbing another glorious sweep for the Ghouls.

With day two in the books, you can check out the updated playoff bracket down below.

Credit: Moonton

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