While the MPL ID Season 6 ended two weeks ago, there’s still a lot of buzz going around about the tournament that scored a record peak audience of 2.8 million viewers.

In terms of statistics, many fans and analysts love to look at who was brave enough to go against the current meta of Mobile Legends. In previous years, we knew that RRQ Hoshi’s M “Lemon” Ikhsan was lauded as a non-meta hero specialist for a long time.

Even in MPL ID Season 6, the priority pick from Lemon is quite different from most support mages. Since returning to his old role, Lemon has never used META hero mages like Pharsa, Selena, or Chang’e. The three-time MPL champion prefers heroes like Kadita, Eudora, and even Faramis.

While he may go against the grind with his hero picks, Lemon didn’t hold the player status with the widest hero pool in Season 6. In fact, it was fellow RRQ teammate Rivaldi “R7” Fatah who received the interesting accolade.

R7 was able to play 16 different heroes throughout the season, according to a post on the official MPL ID Instagram account. While it may seem like a big pool, the reason why it’s nothing out of the normal for him is that he’s already been on ranked leaderboards with dozens of heroes in previous years.

Consistency is the key to the R7. While he may no longer be in the spotlight as RRQ’s best player with the likes of Alberttt and Xin around, he still plays an important role as the team’s sturdy offlaner.

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